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English Department

The English Department supports the school’s mission of educating thoughtful, articulate students by providing a comprehensive language arts program that will enable them to become fully mature Christian participants in a rapidly changing world.

By offering a wide range of literature and promoting the development of critical thinking and writing skills, the department enables students to build an understanding of texts, of themselves, and of the many dimensions of human experience, and to express that understanding in lucid prose, thus preparing them for further studies and the challenges of life.

Carolyn Hornack
B.S.  Pennsylvania State University
M.Ed. Bloomsburg University

Helen Hufford P '13 **
B.A. Loyola University Maryland
M.A.L.S. Loyola University Maryland

Jennifer Jeske P'10, P'15
B.A. University of Maryland University College

Emily Lowe
B.A. Catholic University of America
M.A.T. Loyola University Maryland

Patricia Marlatt
B.A. Towson University

Kim Nava P '13
B.A. Saint Vincent College
M.Ed. Johns Hopkins University

Jerome Reddy
B.A. Seton Hall University
M.Ed. Towson University

Patricia Ziff
B.A. University of Maryland College Park - Art History
B.A. University of Maryland College Park - Secondary English Education

Catherine Sullivan
B.A. Loyola University Maryland
M.A. University of Notre Dame

** Department Chair