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The math department seeks to develop the students’ computational, analytical, and problem-solving skills and utilize these skills in real-world applications. The study of math fosters an appreciation for the orderly patterns and beauty of God’s creation. It teaches students to think logically and prepares them for a wide array of career and educational opportunities.  Says one senior, "Math at Mount de Sales is very hands-on, which makes math more independent and full of self-discovery. I am very happy with the Math foundation I am receiving."
Over the past several years, a growing number of students are choosing to take the advanced placement courses of AP Statistics and AP Calculus with the intention of pursuing a math-related field in college. "I am currently a second year architecture student,” says Jennifer Doty, an ’09 graduate. “I'm in a 5 year program at Illinois Institute of Technology in one of the highest ranked architecture schools in the country. Regarding math, passing the AP exams allowed me to test out of all the math classes in the architecture curriculum, thus opening up my schedule so that I can minor in construction management.”
The Math department also seeks to energize students about math outside the classroom.  In 2008, a chapter of the Mu Alpha Theta National Math Honor Society began at Mount de Sales. The Society provides math tutoring to students seeking extra assistance, and each year they sponsor a "Math Month" that invites the entire school to be involved in math trivia and after-school activities.  In the past they have sponsored a Nonogram Tournament, a Nim Tournament, and a “How to Solve a Rubic's Cube” lesson.

Ruth Kalscheur
B.S. Vanderbilt University

Elizabeth Schab '02
B.S. Stevenson University (Villa Julie College)

Jennifer Legendre
B.S. University of Notre Dame
M.Ed. George Washington University

Sarah Nachtegall '12
B.S Franciscan University

Lindsey Murphy
B.S. Miami University (Oxford, OH)
M.Ed. Ashland University

​Thomas Pablo
​B.A. Ateneo de Manila University - Interdisciplinary Studies

Howard Posner
B.S. University of Maryland College Park

Mary Sier
B.S. Loyola University Maryland


Sister Maris Stella

Sister Peter Verona, O.P.
B.S Christendom College
M.S University of Southern Mississippi

Sister Victoria Marie Liederbach
B.S. University of Pittsburgh


** Department Chair