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Sacred Heart Program

In seeking to respond more fully to our mission of forming young women in a way that nurtures the whole person, Mount de Sales launched the Sacred Heart Program. This program provides academic supports and instruction to meet the specialized needs of college-bound students with identified learning disabilities. Named after the devotion that is beloved both in the Visitation and Dominican traditions, the Sacred Heart Program provides academic support and remediation for continued improvement of academic skills as well as enable the student to discover her learning strengths, build on these strengths, and advocate for her needs.

This program is a four-year program that addresses the individual needs for each of its students. The Sacred Heart program provides services commensurate with each student's level of need. Most students receive direct instruction while others attend weekly coach sessions or simply have a specialized student support plan. Students will be placed in courses based on their academic abilities and strengths, which may include Concept Classes, College Prep Level II, Honors classes and/or AP classes.  Students are expected to complete all the course work and meet the requirements for a particular course with accommodations and the support of program staff.

Mary Jo Puglisi P'18, '19
B.S. Loyola University Maryland
M.S. Loyola University Maryland

Victoria Glose P'09
B.A. Towson University
M.Ed. Towson University

Catie Rehkemper P'19, '21
B.A. Catholic University

Mary K Robertson P'22
B.S. University of Maryland, College Park
M.Ed. Hood College