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The Science Department teaches the principles and processes that govern nature, as well as the methods used by the natural sciences to discover and organize this knowledge. In order to learn both the principles and the methods by which those principles are discovered, each student is required to take three one-year laboratory courses. Besides enabling students to master the basic principles and methods of the natural sciences, courses in science develop habits of reasoning and critical thinking that are applicable to all areas of intellectual, ethical, and practical consideration. The study of the natural sciences helps students see the God-given order, beauty, and intelligence manifested in the amazingly complex yet orderly workings of physical creation both great and small.  Studied through the lens of faith combined with rigorous intellectual inquiry, the sciences support the teachings of the Catholic faith and encourage students to ponder God's nature and providence.

Alexander Ballard
B.S. University of Maryland Baltimore County - Biological Sciences

Colleen Berry '99
B.S. Loyola University Maryland
M.S. University of Maryland College Park

Valerie Fuecker '03
M.S. Towson University

Jennifer Legendre
B.S. University of Notre Dame
M.Ed. George Washington University

Stephanie Luzier P '15
B.S. Shepherd College

Suzanna Ribblett**
B.S. University of Maryland
M.S. University of Maryland

Sister Janet Mary Yu, O.P
B.S. Simon Fraser University
P.D.P. Simon Fraser University
M.S. University of British Columbia

Department Chair**