Accepted Students


Accepted Students

Welcome to the Mount de Sales Academy family!

We wish you the best of luck as your complete your 8th grade school year and we are looking forward to the fall when you will join with your classmates as the Class of 2021! Here you will find important information for accepted students such as upcoming events, necessary forms, and how to keep in touch. The Course Selection Packet will be handed out to all incoming freshmen at the Accepted Students Night on February 22.  If you are unable to attend, your packet will be mailed to you.

Important Forms:

Placement Testing:

1. General information regarding placement testing

  • Register for placement testing (March 9 or March 11) by viewing this Sign Up Genius Link

  • Who should take a placement test?
    Honors placement is offered to students with remarkable ability and who desire to work beyond the regular rigorous college preparatory level (Level 2). To sit for an honors placement test, a student must meet the pre-requisites in an individual subject area. Pre-requisites for all courses can be found in the section below.
    Please note: Sitting for an honors placement test does not guarantee honors placement, but is a tool to determine the course in which a student will be most challenged and successful. After reviewing the candidate’s file each department chair will place her in the course she will be most suited.

2. Detailed information of Pre-requisites for each of the following: 

  • English – Students wishing to sit for the English/Social Science placement test must have scored at or above the 90th percentile on the critical reading and verbal section of the High School Placement Test and have excellent reading, verbal and writing skills. 

  • Social Science  – Students wishing to sit for the English/Social Science placement test must have scored at or above the 90th percentile on the critical reading and verbal section of the High School Placement Test and have excellent reading, verbal and writing skills.

  • Math Placement - Algebra I is the general Math course for every incoming freshman.
    The MDSA Math Department strives to place each student in the math course most suited to her ability.  We realize that some incoming freshmen will have already taken Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry or some type of combination of these courses. Because these math courses can be vastly different from school to school, we have found that the best way to ensure a student is ready to move beyond Algebra I is to have her take a placement test.

    Students desiring to take any course other than Algebra I (Level 2) as a freshman, must take one of the two math placement tests offered.  Please be sure to register for the correct test.
    • Algebra Placement Test is for a student desiring to test out of Algebra I and into either Honors Algebra I. This student has already taken Pre-Algebra or Algebra I and consistently scores well in math.
    • Algebra/Geometry Placement Test  is for students desiring to test out of both Algebra I and Geometry.  This student has already taken Algebra I and Geometry and 
  • Science – Students wishing to sit for the Science placement test must have an A average in their current math and science classes. Students should have an understanding of graphical analysis and data interpretation. Strong interest in math and science is expected.

  • Foreign Language – Students who have taken any previous foreign language class and/or have experience speaking a foreign language must sit for a placement test in the target language of their choice.

Course Selection:

The Mount de Sales curriculum challenges each student at her individual ability in every subject area. Each level (Level 1, Level 2 and Honors) is college-preparatory and thoroughly prepares our students for admission into national four-year colleges and universities. Please view the 2017-2018 Course Catalog here.

Please view the Course Selection Tutorial Video!

Incoming Freshman Course Selection current from Mount de Sales Academy on Vimeo.


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