Application Process

Eighth-Grade Applicants

To begin the application, create an online account. When asked to enter a username, enter your email address.

A complete applicant file contains the online application (this includes the $50 fee), High School Placement Test (HSPT) score, middle school records, recommendation(s), and completion of the interview.

The Admissions Committee will not review a student’s file until it is complete.

Candidates and their parents must understand and be fully committed to supporting the mission and vision of Mount de Sales Academy. Candidates must be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing at their previous institution, with no outstanding financial obligations.

As families consider high schools, we encourage them to explore all options and apply to multiple schools. Click here to view the Archdiocese of Baltimore 2019-2020 High School Guide.

Please complete the online application as soon as you are able. The account you create to complete the application will serve as your online checklist. Please check your account frequently for updates.

Application Process

List of 9 items.

  • Application

    Due by December 20, 2019. To complete the online application, create an online account. When asked to enter a username, enter your email address.
  • $50 Fee

    Once the $50 application fee is paid, the student's application will be processed shortly thereafter. You will be prompted to pay by credit card when applying online
  • High School Placement Test (HSPT)

    All eighth-grade applicants are required to take the HSPT.

    • Students in Archdiocese of Baltimore schools: Please register for the December 4 testing date at your current school.
    • Students in other schools or homeschooled: Various Batlimore-area Catholic high schools will host the HSPT on Saturday, December 7 and Saturday, December 14. 

    Click here to register for the HSPT.

    Please note: Mount de Sales does not require/prefer that applicants take the test at Mount de Sales. Mount de Sales also does not require/prefer that applicants put our school as first choice on the HSPT. All applicants with complete files will be considered for admission.

    • The test may only be taken once.
    • ​The cost is $40. ​
    • For the Saturday testing dates, check-in begins at 8:30 a.m. and the test begins at 9 a.m.
    • Students who seek to test at Mount de Sales with accommodations: The deadline to submit accommodation documentation is November 22. Contact:  Allie Sapienza at Please be sure when registering that your testing site offers your accommodations.

    Click here for the HSPT FAQs by the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
  • Records

    Transcripts for grades 6, 7, and 8 up to the current date should include: Grades, attendance records, behavioral records, standardized test scores (e.g., Stanford, Iowa or California tests for private/homeschool and PARCC scores for public school), and results of any academic, psychological, and emotional/ behavioral testing. November is a good time to request records, and current schools typically send them to Mount de Sales in December.

    • If the applicant is enrolled in an Archdiocese of Baltimore school: During online HSPT registration, the parent/guardian will be prompted to request that records be sent to the high schools chosen to receive HSPT scores. The chosen high schools will receive transcripts and the principal's recommendation directly from the student’s current school. HSPT walk-ins will be required to sign authorization for the release of records at sign-in the morning of the test. Resource: Archdiocese of Baltimore Admissions Guidelines page.
    • If the applicant is enrolled in an Archdiocese of Washington school: The parent/guardian should complete the Archdiocese of Washington’s Authorization to Release Records Form by mid-November. The middle schools will send the records and principal’s recommendation directly to high schools chosen by the family to receive the student’s HSPT scores. Mount de Sales accepts the Archdiocese of Washington packet as is. Resource: Archdiocese of Washington High School Application Information web page.
    • If the applicant is enrolled in public or non-Catholic private school: The Mount de Sales Request for Records form must be submitted to the applicant’s current school. The school will send transcripts directly to Mount de Sales.
    • If the applicant is homeschooled: The home educator must provide a list of courses, textbooks, and progress for grades 6, 7, and 8 up to the current date. For students who do not earn numerical or letter grades, the home educator should provide a summary of the student’s progress for each class in each year. Students homeschooled through a program that issues transcripts must submit the Mount de Sales Request for Records form to that organization, which should send files directly to Mount de Sales. Students homeschooling through local school district approval should submit the Mount de Sales Request for Records form to the approving body, which should provide Mount de Sales with documents showing the students' academic progress in middle school.
  • Recommendation(s)

    • If the applicant is enrolled in an Archdiocese of Baltimore school: The principal referral will be included with the applicant’s records sent from her current school. See above for record request procedures.
    • If the applicant is enrolled in an Archdiocese of Washington school: The principal referral will be included with the application’s records send from her current school. See above for record request procedures.
    • If the applicant is enrolled in a public or non-Catholic private school: Recommendation forms from two teachers at her current school should be submitted by mail, email or fax directly to the Admissions Office. Recommendations can be included with the student's transcripts or can be sent separately by the recommender. Click here for the Standard Recommendation Form.
    • If the applicant is homeschooled: Two recommendation forms are required. Tutors, co-op teachers, and adults who have worked with the applicant in an instructional capacity may submit recommendation forms. Click here for the Standard Recommendation Form.
    Additional letters of recommendation are optional. All recommendations are confidential and should be sent from the recommender directly to Mount de Sales.
  • Interview

    A 30-minute interview with the applicant and at least one parent/guardian will take place in January 2020. The Admissions Office will contact applicant families in December 2019 to schedule. All applicants will be interviewed.
  • Other Considerations

    We encourage families to consider the following. If you are applying for any of the following, please adhere to the appropriate deadlines and contacts.

    • Sacred Heart Program: Students applying to the Sacred Heart Program must submit all necessary documentation directly to Director of Academic Services Patrick Martel at  or 410.744.8498 ext. 267Click here for program information and documentation guidelines.
    • Scholarships: Academic scholarships require no application and are based on the HSPT. To apply for a special interest scholarship, please visit the Scholarships web page for details and instructions. Students will be considered for scholarships for which they apply if the required materials are submitted by the deadlines listed.
    • Tuition Assistance: Mount de Sales Academy has limited tuition assistance for families in financial need. To apply for tuition assistance, the application and necessary supporting documentation are due to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment by January 3, 2020. Please note: Families should upload their 2018 W-2 forms when they are available in 2019. Click here to access tuition assistance application information.
  • Admissions Decision Notifications

    Per the Archdiocese of Baltimore Admissions Guidelines, Mount de Sales will mail and email decision notifications on dates in February 2020. The hard-copy mailing will include scholarship and tuition assistance notifications. After a two-week welcome period, the registration deadline will be in early March 2020.
  • Registration of Eighth-Graders Accepted to Mount de Sales

    Mount de Sales follows the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s registration deadline in early March. Students may enroll prior to the set date but are not obligated to enroll before it.

    For more information, please see the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Admissions Guidelines.
Mount de Sales Academy for Girls does not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policy, athletic or other school administered programs.

When applying, applicants “understand and acknowledge that receiving the application does not constitute a commitment by Mount de sales Academy, and that Mount de Sale Academy may deny admission if they determine that enrollment of the Applicant in the Academy would not be appropriate.”

All acceptances are conditional upon the successful completion of eighth grade. As a condition of acceptance, students may be required to attend and satisfactorily complete remedial summer math and/or reading programs prior to admission. All decisions regarding the acceptance of a student into Mount de Sales Academy are done with the highest emphasis placed on what is in the best interest of the individual girl.

Admissions Brochure 2019-2020

Sacred Heart Program

Applicants interested in the Sacred Heart Program must indicate their intention to apply for the Program on their applications. Sacred Heart Program applicants are required to submit documentation and/or direct questions about the program to:

Patrick Martel
Director of the Sacred Heart Program 
410.744.8498 ext. 267

Admissions Contact Information

Allie Sapienza '11
Admissions Director
410.744.8498 ext. 270

Jen Blake '15
Assistant Director of Admissions
410.744.8498 ext. 276

Admissions Office Email

Mount de Sales Fax (please notate Admissions on your fax)

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