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Homecoming 2023

Homecoming Dance Tickets

Homecoming Dance tickets are now available! The dance will be on Friday, September 29 from 7-10 PM. Doors open at 6:45 p.m. Any student bringing a date must have the boy fill out a contract and return it to Mrs. Greene

Homecoming Shirts

2023 Homecoming T-shirt orders are due by 9/27/23. If you have any questions, please email Katie Ferrante at

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures for Homecoming

Drop off for Dance: To avoid a back up on Academy road, check-in will begin in the Music Hall at 6:45 p.m. (no student should arrive earlier than 6:45 p.m.). All students should enter the main 1852 entrance through the columned steps and proceed to the MUSIC HALL to check in.
Parents pull up as far past the main steps as possible before dropping off your daughters. If the line is about to move forward, please tell your daughter to wait to exit so that the line can keep moving forward quickly. Please do not stop to talk to other students or adults as this creates a major back up on Academy Road.  Students should exit the right side of the car and use the ‘fire lane’ to walk up the steps. No students should be dropped off around the back of the school.  
Student Parking: Student drivers should park in the GYM parking lot and walk to the front of the 1852 building using the fire lane nearest the 1852 building. No students will be allowed to enter the building through the piazza or cafeteria doors. 
Pick up for Dance: To avoid a back up on Academy Road, parents are encouraged to begin arriving for pick up around 9:40 p.m. Parents should use both the front and back driveways to pick up. Please text your daughter when you arrive to let her know where you are parked. Students are not permitted to leave the dance prior to 9:30 p.m.  
Students may not bring in:
  • Back packs, bags, or water bottles
  • These items may be dropped in the Music Hall at check-in and picked up at the end of the evening

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