Concussion and Head Injury Policy


Concussion and Head Injury Policy

All student athletes will be pre-concussion baseline tested by the MDSA athletic trainer before being allowed to participate in sports.

Mount de Sales Academy will implement the computerized ImPACT program, or similarly recognized diagnostic tool. Post-concussion student athletes are retested and the scores are compared to baseline to help determine athlete readiness to return to play.

If a student athlete sustains a concussion while currently participating in a Mount de Sales athletics program, she will be removed from play and evaluated on site by the attending athletic trainer.  The student athlete will then be referred to her physician for further evaluation.  The athletic director will also be notified.

After being diagnosed with a significant concussion the Concussion Committee team will determine how best to modify the student athlete’s academic schedule to accommodate the required period of total cognitive rest the brain needs to heal properly. 

A 1st post-concussion ImPACT test will be administered by the MDSA athletic trainer 1-3 days after the initial injury or upon the student athlete’s return to school.  These results will be emailed to a neuropsychologist selected by MDSA for interpretation.

A reevaluation with the student athlete’s physician will also be required before return to play decisions will be considered.

The student athlete is eligible to begin the gradual return-to-play progression when she has 1) received clearance from her physician, 2) has a post-concussion ImPACT test which has returned to baseline status, 3) has been cleared by the MDSA athletic trainer, 4) has been cleared by guidance that all of her make-up work is complete and 5) The student is no longer receiving academic accommodations.  

In order to protect the well-being of each student athlete, MDSA reserves the right to determine the level of participation for all student athletes who have sustained a concussion.  Suffering a single severe concussion or multiple concussions may lead to the prohibition from participation in contact sports or possibly any sport at Mount de Sales Academy.