ImPACT Testing Dates

The ImPACT baseline test is required for all students trying out for a sport. The ImPACT test must be taken every two years. If you're ImPACT test has not been taken in the last two years, or if you are a freshmen who has not yet taken the ImPACT test you will not be eligible to tryout out until the ImPACT test is complete.   Please make The ImPACT baseline test will be offered during the summer at the below dates and times for those trying out for a sport:


 ImPACT Testing Dates: Spring testing will be held on February 13, 2017.

Please meet in the gym classroom after school with your tablet.

To sign up for the ImPACT Test please email Alex Chambers, Assistant Director of Athletics,

Before trying out for a Mount de Sales sports team, all student athletes must complete the computerized ImPACT test at Mount de Sales Academy. The ImPACT test must be taken every two years. The purpose of this test is to establish a baseline in the event of a concussion occuring to help facilitate a safe return to play. The test location for all test is in B211 computer lab. Students are also encouraged to bring their own device  to use for the test.  Please have your daughter bring a copy of the ImPACT Permission form to the test. 

 For more information on the ImPACT test, please visit