Online registration closes when the camp reaches maximum capacity or exactly one week prior to the start date of camp. If there is still room for more campers at the time, walk in registrations will be accepted on the first day of camp for a $10 fee. Cancellations are subject to a $25 fee.

If you do not receive an immediate email confirmation after submitting your registration please email Camp Coordinator Alex Chambers at to verify that your registration has been processed.  

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Acknowledgement, Certification, and Release: In consideration of the camper named above being permitted to participate in the camps selected above operated by Mount de Sales High School, Inc. (“Mount de Sales”), the undersigned hereby understand(s), agree(s), and represent(s) and certify(ies) to Mount de Sales, that:

1. Camper is fully capable of safely participating in the Camp. The undersigned authorize(s) the Camp and/or Mount de Sales to seek medical treatment for Camper, and agree(s) that the undersigned is/are liable for payment of all costs of such treatment.

2. All of the above information on the application is correct.

3. During the period of the Camp, Camper will be covered by the health insurance listed above.

4. The undersigned, for myself/ourselves, and each of my/our successors, heirs and assigns, and as parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of, and for and on behalf of the camper listed above, hereby waive(s), and release(s), discharge(s), and agree(s) to defend and indemnify Mount de Sales and/or the Camp, as well as everyone associated with or providing instruction, or participating in, the Camp, of, from, and against, all claims, demands, liabilities, and causes of action for personal injury, property damage, loss of services and/or any other damages and losses arising from, or relating to, the Camp, Camper’s participation in the Camp, or Camper’s presence on the premises of Mount de Sales, including, but not limited to, claims, demands, liabilities and causes of action based partly or entirely on the negligence of Mount de Sales, the Camp, Camp Director, Assistant Camp Directors, coaches, camp staff, and/or any employee, officer, trustee, agent or representative or Mount de Sales or the Camp.

5. The Camp and Mount de Sales shall have the right to use, for publicity purposes, photographs and films taken of Camper at the Camp.

6. The undersigned is/are the only parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) of Camper’s (if Camper is not yet 18).

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