Monday, January 13
Period A exam: 8:00am
Period B exam: 10:05am
Dismissal: 11:40am

Tuesday, January 14
Period C: 8:00am
Period D: 10:05am
Dismissal: 11:40am

Wednesday, January 15
Period E: 8:00am
Period F: 10:05am
Dismissal: 11:40am
Thursday, January 16
Period G: 8:00am
Period H: 10:05am
Dismissal: 11:40am

*Exam Policy - 
Because exams are a critical part of a student's academic evaluation, students must adhere to the published examination schedule and take their mid-term and final exams on the dates they are scheduled. Failure to do so could result in a zero. Only grave reasons will be considered for make-up exams.

There will be no food service during exams. Students need to remember to eat a good breakfast and bring a snack/drink for break. 

Mount de Sales Academy

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