A Letter from Sister Mary Raymond, O.P.

Dear Mount de Sales Families,

As the world slows down in this unprecedented time, with unexpected stresses, fast changes, and unknown futures, I have been thinking of you and your families. And so, I write this to you as some hope of encouragement in these challenging times.   
It is good to look to St. Joseph as a model and example of trust, calmness, and creativity. He, too, must have experienced great stress when, with the Blessed Virgin Mary, he could find no room in the inn for Christ to be born. Was he really ready for the fast change of fleeing to Egypt with our young Lord and His Mother? Surely we do not know how difficult it was for him, but he nevertheless rose to the occasion. St. Joseph is known as one of the greatest saints of all time because he approached every unknown with great faith, beginning with taking Mary, who was found with child, as his wife. 
This Lent, with its particular form of penance, has certainly not been what we wanted. Though circumstances are out of our control, our response is not. These times call for a creativity and a level of faith that goes beyond our human strength but is within our reach through God’s grace. While Lent is a time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, this Lent there is a special call to use our resources to connect in spite of social distancing, to let go of expectations and trust in God moment by moment, and to find creative ways to intentionally serve our neighbors and those in need (even within our own family). 

Let us pray for each other during this historic time. The grace is there to be creative and generous in the ways we stay connected. In this way, we will come out stronger and better for this adversity.  
I promise you my daily prayers! May St. Joseph, patron of families, be our guide to be calm and faith-filled. May he intercede for us in this time of tribulation. 
With my heartfelt prayers for all of you, 
Sister Mary Raymond, O.P.  

Mount de Sales Academy

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