Family Survey

On November 18, 2015 a Family Survey was sent out to each family at Mount de Sales Academy.

We have an opportunity to secure additional educational services and reduce education costs for our students.  We currently receive funding for the Maryland Nonpublic School Textbook Program and have been successful in receiving Erate Technology funding for the 2015-2016 school year totaling $12,000.  This Erate funding is applied to defray the cost of our phone, internet and Edline services.

Your participation is very important in order that we may receive as much assistance as possible.  You can help by completing a survey form for each family with daughters who are attending Mount de Sales Academy.  Even if your family does not participate in the program, sending this information will contribute to a number of Federal, State, and local program funding opportunities from which our school can benefit.  It is important that we receive 100% participation in this survey because the rules for obtaining funding have changed and funding is based on the number of surveys that are returned to the school.  To date we have 88 outstanding Family Surveys.  If you have not completed a survey and need another one, please click here.  Thank you for your assistance!

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