MDSA Students Attend UN Women’s Conference

MDSA Students Attend UN Women’s Conference

Three MDSA juniors, Monica Wallace, Veronica Tis, and Emma Romeo, traveled to New York City last week to attend the first week of sessions of the United Nations Women’s Conference on the Status of Women.  Students applied and were selected to join the Universal Fiat group, a Catholic Social Teaching program that trains students to enter into a respectful and intelligent dialogue with modern culture and to advocate for true women’s health and dignity.

Over the course of the week, students met women from all over the world, practiced their language skills, and attended a variety of sessions both in the United Nations building, and in the surrounding buildings.  Topics included human trafficking, child slavery, women’s health, child brides, philanthropy, and economic strategies.  Students attended as listeners, took notes, and then debriefed as a group each evening, comparing and contrasting the proposed policies and solutions with those embodied by the Church.

Even snow did not deter the student’s learning curve, as Father Landry, attache to the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations (, gave his afternoon to the students, answering their questions on Church teaching and responses to the issues presented at the Women’s Conference.

On their last day, students attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade with prime seating in front of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Cardinal Dolan was present and greeted many of the students.

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