MDSA Welcomes Archbishop Lori!

MDSA Welcomes Archbishop Lori!

Today at Mount de Sales Academy, we welcomed the Most Reverend William Edward Lori, S.T.D. , Archbishop of Baltimore, and Superintendent of Catholic Schools Dr. Barbara Edmondson to commemorate National Catholic Schools Week.

Archbishop Lori celebrated Mass in the Chapel of St. Francis de Sales. His homily highlighted the ways to counteract evil and how we can put ourselves in Jesus’ path.  Archbishop Lori shares,  "How we can put ourselves in his path? And what will he do for us? The first way we encounter Jesus is prayer. Sometimes we pray prayers from memory; sometimes we just open up and tell the Lord what’s going on in our lives. But if we take time to pray each day–that is–if we open our hearts each day to Jesus, he will be present to us just as he was present to man in the Gospel.

A second and very powerful way we encounter Jesus is the sacraments. When we go to holy Communion we truly receive Christ’s body and blood. This means Jesus wants to be very close to us in a very real way so that he can help us in all our trials and temptations. When we go to confession, Jesus responds with mercy and is with us to help us reform our lives. What a beautiful thing: the Lord is as close to us as he was to all those he encountered when he walked the earth 2,000 years ago.

A third way we encounter Jesus is in one another. How blest you are to attend Mount de Sales where you are formed in the faith and where the school creates a wonderful environment that encourages you to help one another know Jesus and practice your faith. This is one of the main reasons I like to celebrate Catholic Schools Week!"

The Archbishop mingled at a reception following Mass, attended a student focus group, visited religion classes and answered the students’ poignant questions.  He encouraged the young people to pray and be joyful, educated, and committed Catholics.

The entire community of Mount de Sales Academy is deeply grateful for the inspirational visit today from Archbishop Lori and Dr. Edmondson as we celebrate the Year of Mercy and the gift of Catholic schools.

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