Midterm Exam Schedule and Details

2017-2018 Exam Schedule

Friday, January 12
Period A exam: 8:00am
Period B exam: 10:05am
Dismissal: 11:40am

Tuesday, January 16
Period C: 8:00am
Period D: 10:05am
Dismissal: 11:40am

Wednesday, January 17
Period G exam: 8:00am
Period H exam: 10:00am
Dismissal: 11:40am

Thursday, January 18
Period E/F exam: 8:00am
Dismissal: 9:40am

*Students are to be silent at dismissal
as some Sacred Heart students will still be
finishing their exams.

Special Notes regarding Exam week:

  • Students must be in complete uniform during exams.  Aside from Sacred Heart, all exams are taken in their regularly scheduled classroom.
  • After a student finishes her exam, she may study with either 1 study guide or textbook. Phones, tablets, and large binders are prohibited in the exam room (unless provisions have been made by a teacher).  If found during an exam, it can result in an automatic failure. 
  • There will be a 20-minute break between the first and second exam. There will be no food service on these days.  Please eat a good breakfast and bring a snack during break time. 
  • Prayer and announcements will be made only in the morning. ALL EXAMS WILL BEGIN AND END WITH A BELL.
  • There is no after care during exam week. Students must be off campus one hour after the last exam. (Excluding Sacred Heart Students.)
  • If you have any questions regarding exams or the exam schedule, please see Mrs. Greene.


  • If school opens 1 or 2 hours late, we will still have exams. In these instances, dismissal will be delayed the same number of hours that school was delayed.
  • If school is closed due to weather, exams will resume on the next school day and everything will shift down one day. For instance, if school is closed on Friday, January 12 (A/B exams), we will hold A/B exams on Tuesday the 16, and all other exams would move to the next day.  In this instance, the first day of the third quarter would be January 22.  

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