Sailors Support the Little Sisters!

Sailors Support the Little Sisters!

MDSA sent 79 students, Dominican Sisters, and staff members to the Supreme Court this morning to show their support for the Little Sisters of the Poor during their court case.

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in Zubik v Burwell, a set of consolidated religious freedom cases that includes a suit brought by the Little Sisters of the Poor. Unseen by most, the Little Sisters are now reluctantly thrust into the national spotlight because the federal government is requiring them to provide  health insurance policies to their employees that are incongruent with their religious beliefs. The Little Sisters of the Poor care for the elderly poor of communities around the nation. If they refuse, they will suffer crushing fines.

The students attended the #Let them Serve Rally organized by “Women Speak for Themselves.” This is a nationwide movement of women, started by Helen Alvarez, who promote the progress of religious freedom and women’s freedom together. 

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