Senior Slide Show Pictures - Needed ASAP

It is a tradition at the Mount de Sales Father-Daughter Cotillion to play a slide show featuring the photos of the seniors as children with their fathers or escorts. We are accepting ONE PHOTO per Senior girl for the Senior Slide Show. 

Each girl’s photo must be:

  • E-mailed ASAP but no later than February 19 to Brenda Katulski at
  • In .jpg or .jpeg format only (hard copies and pdf/other formats will not be accepted)
  • Of her earlier years (any pic up to age 7-8 is good)
  • Of only her and her father or dance escort (other family members or friends should not be in the picture)
  • Of fully clothed people (no half clothed pics please)
  • Tip: Close up photos are better for the slide show than far away photos with a lot of background.

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