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Using Your School Dashboard Account - FAQ

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  • How do I log into the website?

    Users can log in to the site via the login button at the upper right portion of your browser window. Parents and students can also log in via the parent and student landing pages.
  • How do I obtain my username and password?

    New users may click the login button and select "Forgot login or First time logging in." Once you enter your email, you may retrieve your username and reset your password. If this option doesn't work, please contact our Technology Help Desk to reset your password.
  • Are there resources just for me when I log in?

    Yes, parent, student, and faculty/staff users will find resources specific to their role once logged in. Simply click the "Resources" tab on your dashboard to access them. Please look for updates in SailorMail regarding new functionalities as we continue to work on this new feature.
  • How do I edit my user profile and settings?

    Once logged in, simply click the arrow located next to your name (upper right), and you can access/edit your profile and other settings.
  • How do I receive notifications?

    We encourage you to sign up receive emergency alerts from MDSA. With the new dashboard system, you can choose to receive text and/or email alerts. To access this:
    1. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
    2. Click on the down arrow next to your name and click on "Settings."
    3. Click on the "Notifications" tile on the left side of the screen.
    4. Set a phone and email to receive notifications.
    5. Opt-in to Emergency Alerts by navigating to "Announcement Posted" on the screen and clicking on "Setup Options."
    6. Check the box next to "Emergency Alerts" and select "Save."
  • What about online directories?

    The dashboard website features dynamic and user-friendly directories that are accessible to specific user groups. You will simply click the Directories tab via your dashboard to view directories.
  • Where do I find resources to prepare for the new school year?

    This year, many of the forms can be completed digitally using your dashboard account. Forms can also be accessed via the Resource Board tab on your dashboard or by clicking on the arrow next your name in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard screen, and clicking on "Files & Forms."
  • Where do I view a calendar of events?

    The calendar link on the omni menu (upper right) and footer (lower left) directs users to a full calendar of events. This calendar may be sorted by several categories such as Fine Arts, Athletics, Academics, Alumnae, etc.

    There are also several calendar feeds throughout the site and on the dashboard, including on our home page.
  • Who do I go to for help?

    For general questions, users may contact the Technology Office via email using the contacts listed on the right. If you experience technical issues, please contact our Help Desk at


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