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Faith & Traditions

The focal point and source of strength at Mount de Sales is the Chapel, where Our Lord resides in the Eucharist.  The Chapel is open each school day from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Morning Mass is offered daily at 7:10 a.m. in the Chapel of St. Francis de Sales and all are welcome to attend. 

“You can never look for faith in isolation; it is only found in an encounter with people who believe, who can understand you, who can in some way lead you and help you.”

- Pope Benedict XVI

On the First Friday of each month and on special occasions, Mass is offered during the school schedule.  Other spiritual activities are available throughout the year, such as the monthly opportunity for the sacrament of Reconciliation, Eucharistic Adoration, devotions appropriate for the liturgical seasons, the living rosary, and the yearly class retreat days. 

All students participate in the annual May Procession and Crowning of Our Lady.  Students receive their freshmen miraculous medals, sophomore pins, and junior rings at special Masses during the school year.  Graduating seniors end their year with the Baccalaureate Mass two days before graduation.

Each day opens and closes with prayer just as, each class also begins with a prayer.

Christian outreach opportunities are available to the students for the completion of their required service hours.  Regularly scheduled outreach projects include the canned food drives for the poor, adopting families and gathering food and necessities for Christmas baskets and presents for each family member, collecting baby items for the pregnancy center, bag lunches for the homeless, collecting toiletries for Happy Helpers for the Homeless, and school clean-up days.

The traditions of Mount de Sales Academy are the essence of its faith and spirit. They promote unity and harmony in the school and provide some of the most meaningful and beautiful high school memories. Our rich Catholic Faith is very much a part of a majority of the traditions at Mount de Sales. Freshmen Orientation begins with Mass. It is at Mass that the freshmen receive their miraculous medals, the sophomores receive their pins, the juniors receive their rings and the seniors receive their gold miraculous medals. Our faith is intricately woven throughout our daily routine and our yearly traditions.

Traditional activities include Mass of the Holy Spirit, Freshmen Miraculous Medal Mass, Sophomores Pin Mass, Junior Ring Mass, Morning Mass, First Friday Masses, Homecoming and Dance, Student Retreats, Father Daughter Cotillion, Spirit Day, Twisted Tunes, Talent Show, Senior Mother Daughter Tea, May Procession, Mount de Sales Girl, Baccalaureate Mass, Parents Club Reception Following the Baccalaureate Mass, Honors Assembly, Graduation Ceremony, Mercy Night, March for Life, The Living Rosary, Scholars Breakfast, School Dances, Drama Production, Music Concerts, Dance Recitals, Field Trips, and Big Sister/Little Sister Activities.

Mount de Sales Girl

Each year, a senior who has attended Mount de Sales for four years is chosen by her class and the faculty as Mount de Sales Girl.  This girl must witness Christian virtues and display loyalty to the values upheld by Mount de Sales Academy.  The Mount de Sales Girl is one who practices charity, friendliness, courtesy and service to faculty and students.  She is a leader who manifests school spirit by her demeanor and interactions with others.  The Mount de Sales Girl has the privilege of crowning Our Lady at the May Procession and speaking at graduation.