Course Description Booklet - 2018-2019


Students have an opportunity each year to select their next year's course of study and to evaluate their program in terms of their objectives.  In planning a course of study, certain information is necessary.  For graduation, Mount de Sales Academy requires 26 credits as follows:

4 Religion
4 English
3 Social Sciences (including 1 year of U.S. History)
4 Mathematics (including Algebra II)
3 Lab Science
2 Foreign Language
1 Physical Eductaion
1 Fine Arts
5 Electives

*A credit is earned for successful completion of a year-long course. Half credit is awarded for successful completion of a semester-long course.

It should be noted that the following course distribution is required for entrance into colleges and universities in the State of Maryland:

English 4 credits
Lab Science 3 credits
Foreign Language 2 credits
Social Sciences 3 credits
Algebra I 1 credit
Algebra II 1 credit
Geometry 1 credit

If a student is interested in a selective college, the recommended program is:

English 4 credits
Social Sciences 4 credits
Math 4 credits (through calculus)
Lab Science 4 credits (through physics)
Foreign Language 4 credits (one language for four years)

All courses at Mount de Sales are college preparatory and are designed to be academically challenging. The following describes the requirements for Honors and Advanced Placement courses:

Honors courses are offered for students who have a proven record of strong academic achievement and who are willing to accept the challenges presented in a more accelerated course.

Advanced Placement courses are available for those junior and senior students who are willing to embrace a rigorous college level workload and have a proven record of strong academic achievement in Honors level courses.