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  • Asynchronous Learning Days

    Mount de Sales Academy may need to move to an asynchronous learning environment from time to time for situations that would prevent learning from taking place on the school campus.

    Conditions that would cause the school to move to asynchronous learning, could include extensive facility repairs which impact the entire campus, impending severe weather, or the onset of flu-like illnesses that impact a large portion of the faculty, staff and/or students.
    Formerly referred to as "Blizzard Bags", asynchronous learning days convert 'in-person' live lessons to 'at home' posted lessons.  In this learning environment, teachers upload materials and assignments for students to complete that day at home.  Asynchronous learning days are counted as a full academic day.
    Procedures and Guidelines
    Each class will require some element of student work and submission.  The submission of the day’s work will be used to check attendance.  Since these days are counted as a full academic day, students who do not complete their assignments for the day may be counted ‘absent’.
    1.  Check Canvas Announcements
    • Teachers will post class assignments as a “Canvas Announcement” by 9:30am.
    • Students should check all Canvas Class pages for each course they have that day by 10am. 
    • Assignments should include
        • Objectives or Learning Goals for the day.
        • Assignments for the day.
        • Teacher expectations and clear directions for completion
        • The specific date and time the assignment is due and when and how to turn it in.
        • List of or Links to any resources needed for the day’s lesson. 
    1. Make a strategy to complete your work
      1. Lessons may take up to 70 “uninterrupted” minutes to complete. To avoid unnecessary distraction, the school strongly advises the student to remove their cell phone from their learning area.  
      2. Read and understand the specific time each of your assignments are due. 
      3. Make a strategy for completion.  Prioritize your work and your deadlines for the day.
      4. Lessons may include a small 20-minute homework.
    1.  Turn in Assignments:
      1. Turn in your work on time. If you do not, you may be counted ‘absent’ for the day.
      2. Smaller assignments may be due later that same day.
      3. Larger assignments may be due at a later date.
    If a student has a question regarding an assignment, she should email her teacher immediately through her
    MDSA email. Personal emails should not be utilized.

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