One-to-One Technology Initiative

Mount de Sales embraces its philosophy that “traditional disciplines are enhanced by those practices which are most effective in modern methods of teaching.” This compels us to revisit teaching techniques to ensure the utilization of up-to-date, suitable resources and learning platforms.  In today’s educational climate, these innovations are largely technology driven and can enhance our curriculum while still maintaining its authenticity.  The Technology Integration Program is developed to adhere to Mount de Sales’ mission and philosophy, supports academic excellence, moral responsibility, and ethical formation. 

The Mount de Sales Academy Technology Integration Program is aimed at integrating teacher and student mobile devices into the academic curriculum.


This year at Mount de Sales Academy teachers and students will be using Canvas for assignments and grades. We will no longer use Edline. In order to view course information, assignments, and grades, parents will need to create their own Canvas Parent account using either the Canvas Parent App (available for Android and iOS) or a web browser.

Create a Canvas Parent Account using the Web
Create a Canvas Parent Account using the Android App
Create a Canvas Parent Account using the iOS App

For questions or assistance, please contact Lindsey Murphy at or Pam Tibbo at .

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I find detailed device requirements and ordering information?

Mount de Sales device requirements and device ordering information can be found here.

Can my daughter use a laptop or a tablet?

Either device will work for our program. It is up to your preference.  With laptops, we caution that they may not have the battery life to make it through a full school day.

Why not Android, iPad, Chromebook, etc.? 

This is not a decision we took lightly or in haste.  We visited and surveyed nearly a dozen local schools.  Mount de Sales also spent a considerable amount of time discussing and debating the issue to determine what is best for our students. Some of the primary reasons for deciding on Windows are:

  1. Windows is a single device solution.  Many schools we visited that used a “companion device” such as Android or Chromebook also required the student to have a traditional PC at home. 
  2. Our school utilizes Lanschool for its classroom and instructional management software.  Lanschool on Windows allows for the highest level of instructional management and security.   Instructional functionality for Lanschool on other operating systems is greatly reduced.
  3. USB: Many of the tablet or companion devices lack USB support. Having USB greatly expands the educational uses of these devices.  With USB students can use Flash drives, cameras, science probes, printers, scanners, and more.
  4. The school is already standardized on Microsoft Windows. Consistency in the classrooms allows for more effective classroom instruction.  By using Windows we can guarantee that all software we currently use on campus can continue to be used.  Additionally, our faculty, staff, and students are already familiar Microsoft Windows products.

What software do students need?

In addition to software already included with Windows, students need Microsoft Office and Lanschool.

The school has purchased licenses for both Microsoft and Lanschool. Instructions for downloading and installing Lanschool can be found here, and Microsoft Office here.

Do I need to buy Antivirus?

No, there are plenty of reputable free antivirus options.  Free options are available on the following websites:

  1. Avast
  2. AVG
  3. Clam

Do I need to buy Microsoft Office?

No, your students Office 365 account includes licenses to download and install Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices.  To install office follow the guide here.

How will teachers make sure students are not abusing technology privileges in class?

  1. MDSA employs a state-of-the-art content filtering system.
  2. MDSA proactively monitors new content areas that need to be filtered.
  3. MDSA actively monitors student internet usage.
  4. MDSA teachers are all trained to use Lanschool in their classrooms. This classroom management and instructional software not only allows teachers to see students’ computer screens but also enhances the classroom instructional experience.   Some key features of Lanschool:
    • View all students’ screens at once
    • Share student screens or present teacher screen
    • Interactive voting / surveying
    • Testing
    • "Eyes to the front of the class"
    • Share and collect files
    • Assist students with remote control and chat
    • Restrict websites, flash drives, and printing during testing or as needed
    • Monitor battery life

Will device “XYZ” work?

Please compare the device’s specifications to our minimum requirements.  For any questions feel free to contact the Mount de Sales Help Desk at .

Is a keyboard required?

It is required, but it may be a detachable keyboard.

How do I setup file syncing with Onedrive and Office 365?

Syncing can be setup by logging in to your Office 365 account and clicking the sync button.  A detailed guide can be found here.

How do I download files from my Office 365 account?

A detailed guide can be found here.

Downloading files video can be found here.

Have additional questions?

Contact our Technology Help Desk at .