Sacred Heart Program

~ Blessed John Henry Newman

Cor ad cor loquitur ~ “Heart speaks to heart”
In seeking to respond more fully to our mission of forming young women in a way that nurtures the whole person, Mount de Sales launched the Sacred Heart Program. This program provides academic supports and instruction to meet the specialized needs of college-bound students with identified learning disabilities.

Named after the devotion that is beloved both in the Visitation and Dominican traditions, the Sacred Heart Program provides academic support and remediation for continued improvement of academic skills as well as enable the student to discover her learning strengths, build on these strengths, and advocate for her needs.

In its first year, the program received the National Catholic Education Association’s Edward M. Shaughnessy III Award for Inclusive Education. The Sacred Heart Program continues to build on this strong start and rise to meet the challenges of students with learning disabilities.

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  • Description of the Sacred Heart Program

    This program is a four-year program that addresses the individual needs for each of its students.

    The Sacred Heart program provides services commensurate with each student's level of need. Most students receive direct instruction while others attend weekly coach sessions or simply have a specialized student support plan.

    Most students in the program will have one class period, every other day, called the Sacred Heart Seminar. During this class she reports to a learning support center to meet with program staff for instruction. Part of this session may also be used as a study period.

    Sacred Heart Program staff will construct weekly lesson plans for each student, addressing each student’s individual needs.

    The focus of this class time will be individualized to each student and will include improving academic skills, remediation, assistance with class work, study skills, time management, organizational skills, and test-taking strategies.

    Note-taking strategies will be introduced, organized, and checked regularly.

    Students will be placed in courses based on their academic abilities and strengths, which may include Concept Classes, College Prep Level II, Honors classes and/or AP classes. Students are expected to complete all the course work and meet the requirements for a particular course with accommodations and the support of program staff.

    There will be frequent and consistent communication between home and the program staff to assure that parents are kept abreast of the student’s academic progress. There will also be frequent communication between program staff and teachers. Program staff is available to assist teachers with implementing accommodations in the classroom and to help identify and address any concerns in the classroom.
  • Sacred Heart Program Accomodations

    Accommodations provided will be individualized to the needs of each student in the program. Accommodations include but are not limited to additional time to complete tests and in-class assignments, using a computer for tests or to take notes, oral testing, having a “note buddy,” and preferential seating in each class.

    In May, your daughter will have a formal support plan composed that addresses her learning strengths and weaknesses, as well as what accommodations will be provided during the school year. Parents and student will be a part of the discussion and planning of the support plan. The Sacred Heart team will provide a copy of the plan and discuss her accommodations.

    All students in the Sacred Heart Program take their tests in the Sacred Heart Center to ensure effective and consistent use of testing accommodations.
  • Documentation Required for the Sacred Heart Program

    All students in the program are required to have a psycho-educational evaluation completed by a licensed/certified professional that meets the following guidelines. A note from a doctor stating there is a learning difference is not sufficient documentation of a learning disability.
  • Guidelines for Documentation of Learning Needs

    Documentation to support the need for requested accommodations must:
    1. State the specific disability as diagnosed, using DSM V classification.
    2. Be current (in most cases the evaluation should be no older than three years).
    3. Provide a complete educational, developmental, and relevant medical history.
    4. Describe the comprehensive testing and techniques used to arrive at the diagnosis. Examples include:
      • Educational- Woodcock –Johnson
      • Psychological- WISC or WAIS
      • ADD/ADHD- Connor Results
    5. Provide the professional credentials of the evaluator(s).
    6. Describe the functional limitations supported by the test results; how these limitations affect  
      learning and testing.
    7. Describe the specific accommodations needed, including the amount of extended time required.
  • Sacred Heart Program Tuition

    The Sacred Heart Program tuition varies based on the student's level of needs.
    • Sacred Heart Seminar $3,000
    • Coach Class $1,000
    This cost is in addition to the current school tuition.

Contact Information

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  • Photo of Patrick Martel

    Mr. Patrick Martel 

    Sacred Heart Program Director
    University of Maryland Baltimore County - B.A.
    Notre Dame of Maryland University - M.Ed.
    Johns Hopkins University - M.L.A.
  • Photo of Catherine Rehkemper

    Mrs. Catherine Rehkemper 

    Catholic University of America - B.A.
  • Photo of Victoria Glose

    Victoria Glose 

    Sacred Heart Learning Specialist
    Towson State University - B.A.
    Towson University - M.Ed.

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