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Getting Involved!

The school spirit at Mount de Sales Academy is evidenced by three characteristics: mutual respect, personal responsibility, and support for one another and for the school as a whole. These qualities help to build and nurture a sense of belonging for every Mount de Sales girl. Each student’s contribution is valued as important to passing on the spirit of Mount de Sales Academy.

Every student is encouraged to participate in one or more extracurricular activities. While student interests dictate some clubs and activities, others are permanently established. Mount de Sales Academy hosts a chapter of the National Honor Society, and a Student Council affiliated with the Maryland Association of Student Councils.

The Mount de Sales Academy Community welcomes the creativity and the evolving interests of our students by giving them the opportunity to establish new clubs. Every club maintains a faculty or staff moderator who serves as a mentor to the club members and facilitator of club activities.

Get Involved with Service!

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  • Religious and Service Opportunities Include:

    • Morning Mass
    • Canned Food Drives
    • Weekly Presence and Prayer at the Abortion Clinic
    • Adopting Families for Christmas
    • Mercy Nights
    • Pro-Life March
    • Lenten Projects
    • Retreats
    • Liturgical Music
    • Clean-Up Days
    • Baby Items Collection for the Pregnancy Shelters
    • Bag Lunches for the Homeless
    • Leadership Workshop
    • Living Rosary
    • Fall Festival
    • Homecoming
    • Open House
    • Mount 2000 Retreats

Get Involved in a National Honor Society!

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  • National Honor Societies Include:

    International Thespian Honor Society
    National Art Honor Society
    National English Honors Society
    National French Honor Society
    National History Honor Society
    National Honor Society
    National Honors Society for Dance Arts
    National Latin Honor Society
    National Mathematics Honor Society
    National Spanish Honor Society
    Science National Honor Society
    Tri M Music Honor Society

Get Involved in a Club!

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  • A.C.E. / Architecture, Construction, Engineering

    ACE Club is part of the ACE Mentor Program, a national organization that pairs mentors from the architecture, construction and engineering industries with students in order to complete a design project. Both MDSA and MSJ students work together to gain knowledge about the different components of the construction industry, present their final design at the final presentation event and seniors are eligible to apply for ACE scholarships. This is a Spring Semester Club that meets weekly at MSJ.
  • Academy Ambassadors

    The goal of the Academy Ambassadors Club is to develop the skills of each student in becoming an excellent leader. Ambassadors interact with students interested in attending Mount de Sales and are expected to enthusiastically share their experiences as Sailors.
  • Art Club

    This club is for artists of all skill levels! Whether you have been drawing since you could hold a pencil or can only draw stick figures the Art Club is for you. The club meets monthly and will be a blend of open creative time as well as guided workshops that will explore various topics of the art world.
  • Style Club

    Students learn and discuss sustainable fashion to match one’s personal style, including upcycling, fashion on a budget, and more.
  • Dance Club

    This club is open to all students who enjoy dancing, no experience necessary! Club members will learn a variety of choreography throughout the year and will be given several performance opportunities both on campus and off campus. Highlights include the Homecoming Flash Mob, the Christmas Assembly, and a Spring Field Trip. Dance Club will meet once a month during Open Break. Additional optional rehearsals will be held after school in the weeks leading up to each performance.
  • Drama Club

    The Drama Club offers an opportunity for creative minds to collaborate on theatre activities and grow as an artist. During the first semester students will get introduced to acting through improvs and games as well as theatre tech. All students are welcomed whether a novice to the craft or an experienced artist.
  • Dream Club

    The Dream Club is an all-inclusive club whose members seek to celebrate achievements toward the American dream; seek to humbly acknowledge where we, as human beings and in institutions, fall short of that dream; seek to prayerfully work towards making that dream indeed a reality for all; seek to educate ourselves and others about racial, cultural, and ethnic issues; and seek to engage in genuine conversations about how our understanding of race, culture, and ethnicity contribute uniquely to each of our identities as children of God, made in His Divine Image.
  • Environmental Club

    This club seeks to increase environmental awareness for students on both a personal and school community level. Students will have the opportunity to promote environmental action projects, learn about current environmental issues, attend environmental presentations, and experience nature through field trip excursions.
  • Game Club

    This club celebrates intelligence, creativity, strategy, and fun. You might not find many classics like Monopoly, Risk, or Yahtzee.  Instead, you will find newer games that embrace strategic thinking, decisions that matter, learning how to work with someone else (or possibly against someone else), or potentially just a way to laugh a bunch! Games rules are taught at each meeting and new games are introduced all the time.
  • G.I.R.L. Club (Girls' Initiative for Rising Leaders)

    Our club' purpose is to provide young women with the needed skills to succeed as leaders while encouraging them to utilize their talents in order to reach their ultimate potential. Optional service opportunities are available to our members.
  • Go Green Club

    Participate in spreading recycling awareness around the MDSA community, be responsible for emptying school recycling bins, and continue the initiative to be a green campus!
  • Golf Club

    Golf Club offers an opportunity for all levels of golfers from beginner to pro. Our beginners have the opportunity to experience the game for the first time with trips to the driving range for basic lessons and then on to an actual course. For the pro or experienced golfer it offers the chance to improve while sharing her knowledge with other golfers. Our young ladies are encouraged to experience a game that will be viable for a lifetime while learning the essential of exercise in good health. Spare clubs are available for both right and left handed golfers so they can realize their desire to play the game.
  • Guardians of Life

    The Guardians of Life club engages in learning and activism to promote a culture of life at Mount de Sales. Past meetings have included Students for Life trainings, listening to pro-life speakers, preparing for the March for Life, and hosting a baby shower to collect donations for a local pregnancy center. All students are welcome to join!
  • International Thespian Society

  • Medical Club

    The Medical Club welcomes students who would like to use their gifts and talents in a medical or healing profession, with opportunities to learn about different medical fields from guest speakers and projects. The club will meet once a month.
  • Mock Trial

    Mock Trial is an interscholastic competition that gives students the opportunity to learn about legal proceedings and contemporary legal issues in Maryland through friendly competition before professional judges and attorneys. Students receive a case and prepare, with the assistance of attorney coaches, the faculty advisor, and their peers, to argue that case against Mock Trial teams from other public and private schools located in Baltimore & Harford Counties. Participation in Mock Trial increases students' awareness of current issues and hones the skills of argumentation, thinking on one's feet, and public speaking. This club runs from October-March.
  • Music and Jazz Club

    The Music/Jazz Club is a place to listen and learn more about Jazz music and its influences. We will listen to and discuss some of the most influential jazz recordings in a laid-back environment.
  • National History/ Rho Kappa Club

  • Newspaper/Publication Club

    This club is designed for students interested in any of the following areas: graphic design, photography, writing and publication production.   Students will determine the areas in which they want to focus. The goal of the club will be to produce a student publication for the student body. (Lighthouse or online publication to be determined).           
  • Robotics Club

  • Socratic Club

    Thought-provoking presentations from students, faculty, or staff who want to open conversation on a topic of interest to all. Each short presentation will be followed by a dialogue as lively as the participants. The members will also promote attendance at local events of philosophical interest, such as talks of the Thomistic Institute.
  • Sodality

    Our mission is to cultivate faith in Jesus through devotion to Mary. Sodality was started in 1852 making it the first and oldest club at Mount de Sales. We host and assist at many school events including faith-based book studies, student witness panels, the living rosary and much more. We strive to be models of faith in action and are committed to pray for our school.
  • Stitch Club

    The Stitch Club will focus on learning hand sewing techniques that will then be used to create historically accurate clothing pieces or other craft items. Learn about the history of fabrics and garments as you construct your own projects. Plans for future expansion with knitting depending on ability and interest.
  • Student Council

    Student Council members are elected in the early spring for the following school year. Interested students should reach out to their homeroom teacher or Student Council Moderators: Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Greene.
  • Support the Troops

    Students work toward serving the men and women who serve our country. Events include letter writing, preparing care packages and welcome home events at BWI.
  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Wellies Club

    This clubs focus is to help students learn more about overall wellness by focusing on how to improve our own wellness and by bringing wellness opportunities to the school community. Focus on 6 dimensions of wellness.

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  • Photo of Denise Georgieff

    Mrs. Denise Georgieff 

    Dean of Students
  • Photo of Theresa Greene

    Mrs. Theresa Greene 

    Vice Principal of Student Affairs
    Mount St. Mary’s University - B.A.
    McDaniel College - M.A.

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