Prayer List


Prayer List

Welcome to this prayer list for our Mount de Sales family.

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Prayer List

Alice Carpenter, beloved librarian at MDSA for 17 years

Amy Chirozzi, mother of Elizabeth "Grace" Chirozzi '20

Bridgid Seering, mother of Sarah Seering ’09 

Vincent Boog, son of Chelsea Gough Boog '09 and Vernon Boog

Susan Welch '58, aunt of Ann Marie Tirocchi-Byrd '88 P'19, grand aunt of Rileigh Byrd '19

Anne "Nancy" Sehlstedt Feild '42

Stephen Boehk, father of Sara Boehk ’98, Jessica Meola ’01, Laura Wotruba ’07 and Anna Boehk ’11

Stella Cynkar, grandmother of Hunter Cynkar ‘12

Dr. Edward A.J. Hall, father of Jeannine '84, Donna '85, Mary '86; grandfather to Stephanie Denhardt '10, Amanda Bonnet '12, Kimberly Mazziott '13, and Sarah Denhardt '14.

Mrs. Phyllis McVearry, grandmother of Maddie McVearry '16,

Tracy Gisriel Krug '80, former MDSA faculty member 

Nicholas Donnelly, nephew of Stephanie L. Zaugg Griffin '90

Kirsten Coburn Tucker, daughter of Darlyn Coburn Tucker ‘68

Susan Devlin Switzer ’60

Jean Hall, mother of Jeannine Hall Mazziott ’84, Donna Hall Denhardt ’85 and Mary Hall Bonnet '86 and grandmother of Stephanie Denhardt ’10, Amanda Bonnet '12, Kimberly Mazziott ’13 and Sarah Denhardt ’14.

Jaime Zinkand '04

Maureen Foley Johnson ‘73

Elizabeth Friedel ‘73

Linda Bullard ‘73

Cassandra “Candy” Buettner Forcucci ‘73

Katie Tucker Vermillion '00

Karen Lathrope, Aunt of Julianna Shearer '13

Mr. Chris Cuddeback, past President of the Board of Trustees, brought the Dominican sisters to Mount de Sales Academy. 

In Memoriam

Please pray for the following people who have entered eternal life.

Geoff Calderone, father of  Katie '16

Cathy Fisher '85

Barbara Grottendick Anuszewski ’57

Mary Susan "Sue"  McDade Welsh '40

Sister Helen Marie Glaser, O.P.

Lucy Wood Anderson '42, mother of Patricia Anderson Stanley '65, sister of Kathryn Wood Wilson '39 and Margaret Woods '43, and aunt of Mimi Woods Ringstad '84 and Kate Ringstad '20.

Mary R. Paglione, grandmother of Riley Paglione '19

Ann Cichowicz, former principal of Mount de Sales Academy during the transition between the Visitation Nuns and the Dominican Sisters. 

Alice Marie Darby Falter '60 P '84 ‘86 GP '18

Ann Harmon Steffens '48

James P. Gillece Jr., friend of Mount de Sales and father of an alumna.

Beth Stigler Shepherd '66

William David Cave, grandfather of Amelia Hutchens ’16

Corinne Middleton, mother of Claire Middleton Cohagan ’78,  grandmother of Kathryn Cohagan Swisher ’07, Corinne Cohagan ’11

Robyn Kirby '00

Mary Peters West '50 GP '17

Theresa Lynn Miller '93

Nancy Smith Davis '49

Martha Howell Colbourn '47

Olivia Peach Gleason '45

Dorothy Eckhardt Burton '43

E. Richard Feustle Sr., grandfather of Brooke Dignan '12 and Erin Dignan '14

Mary Malarkey, great-grandmother of Tracey Stakem ‘00, Brittany Schmehl ‘01 and Jaime Lennon ‘01 and mother-in-law of former School Secretary Becky Malarkey.

Helen Kudella-Katulski, grandmother of Katryna Katulski '13 and Hanna Katulski '18

Kathy "Katie" Ridley, mother of Sarah Ridley '17

Thomas Dice, uncle of Christina Sarver ’13, Theresa Sarver ’16 and Laura Sarver ‘18

Angela Patricia Elliott, sister of MDSA coach Michael Tirocchi P '88 '92

Bessie Burris, grandmother of Madison Burris ‘18

Sylvia “Cookie” Harris, mother of Jessica Harris '14

Richard “Dick” Thiemeyer, husband of Mathilda “Til” Thiemeyer (former director of admissions) and father of Nancy Thiemeyer Watts ’82.

Deborah Wetzel, mother of Ashley Wetzel Bashur ’02, Kelly Wetzel ’04 and Lauren Wetzel ’05.

Kelli Welch, mother of Alexa Welch '18 

View obitury for Kelli Welch

Matthew Kellermann, father of Glynnis Kellermann ‘18

View obitury for Matthew Kellermann

Sister Dorothy Epple ’45, cousin of Kate Tulenko ’18 

Please click here for obitury of Sister Dorothy Epple '45 

Alan Frederick Nethen, father of Heather Tranquill, previous VP of Student Affairs for MDSA.

Patricia Nellies, grandmother of Courtney Nellies '14 and Katelyn Nellies '17.

Eric Geiger, husband of Lisa Vetter Geiger '00

Baby Noelle Charfauros, daughter of Ashley Nugent Charfauros ’02 and Anthony Charfauros, niece of Meghan Nugent ’03 and Rachel Nugent ’05.

John Redmon Jr., father of Jessie Redmon ’07 

Kathryn Unitas Williams ’60  

Pam Zaugg Donnelly '88

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