Prayer List

Miracles happen. But prayer is needed! Prayer that is courageous, struggling and perservering, not prayer that is a mere formality.
- Pope Francis
Please join the Mount de Sales community in praying for the people on this list. Send your prayer requests to

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  • Prayer List

    Kitty and John Dyer GP '16
    Bruce Pellens
    Liam Boyle, son of Pamela Stach Boyle '02
    Lisa Duncan Wall '90
    Emma Kistner '21
    Christina Moscati '97
    Meghan Smith '10
    Major Timothy Petersen
    Lucy Brocato Kunert ‘57
    Rosalie Brocato Carroll ‘61
    Arlene King P’90 
    The Lynch family 
    Tim Michaels P '06 '09
    Jessica Pohlman, granddaughter of Cathy Wise Pohlman '58
    Matthew David Dubyoski, grandson of teacher James Dubyoski P '04 '10 '14
    Brittany Malarkey Schmehl ’01 
    Lillian Speaks Simmons ’09 
    Nora Coakley Reiter '70
    Rileigh Johnson Denis ’07 
    Sheila Walsh ’63 
    Father Edward Mullowney, SSJ
    The Hook and Geier families 
  • In Memoriam

    Please pray for the following people who have entered eternal life.

    Mary Ann Hackley '83
    John Koerber, son of Francis Koerber P'04 (past MDSA music teacher), brother of Ruth Koerber Jacobs '04
    Mary Ellen Mockler Jones '56

    David Hittel, husband of Patti Waters Hittel ’85 P'10 and brother-in-law of Mary Beth Audy '79 P'10
    Errol King, brother of Rolena King '90
    Michael Alster
    , father of Lillian Alster '17 and uncle of Sophie Wolf '20
    Catherine Roloson Counselman ’37
    Joan Pallotto, great-grandmother of Samantha Shockey '20, mother of Denise Chairs GP '20
    Tyler Chavis, son of Kristen Hook Chavis '91
    Mathew Fabian, brother of Grace Fabian '21
    Mary Jo Wivell, grandmother of Jen Blake '15, Lauren Blake '17, and Julia Blake '21
    Dorothy Sammis, grandmother of Ally Fink '19 and Grace Fink '20
    Christopher Lempke, father of Taylor Lempke '22
    Florence J. Schaefer, mother of Maria C. Schaefer Nauman '86
    Charles Diehlmann, father of Madison Diehlmann '15
    Milton “Mackie” John Pajak, III,  brother of Lauren Pajak Stroup '06
    Robert V. McCarthy, father of Hillary McCarthy ‘07
    Diane Geier Hook '74, three generations of her family have been a part of our Mount de Sales community 

Prayer List

Prayer requests will be posted for at least one school year.

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