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Miracles happen. But prayer is needed! Prayer that is courageous, struggling and perservering, not prayer that is a mere formality.
- Pope Francis
Please join the Mount de Sales community in praying for the people on this list. Send your prayer requests to

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Pray for Those Affected by COVID

As we face difficult and uncertain times, we pray for our community daily and encourage all our friends to pray for one another. If you or someone you know has been affected by the COVID-19 virus in any way and could use some prayer, the Sisters at MDSA and our community are eager to pray for your specific intentions. Please complete this prayer intention form, and your intentions will be added to our prayer list. 

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  • Sailors in Service

    Cheryl Simms Hillman '74 - Administration, Spring Grove Hospital Center
    Colleen Felix '83 - Counselor, Alchate Counseling Services
    Amy Singleton Church '86 - Emergency Medicine Physician, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
    Mary Nejfelt Emadi '86 - Martin's Pharmacy
    Kim Berry '91 - UNA of Maryland
    Kristen Hook-Chavis '91 - Nurse
    Angela Mannone Simmons '94 - Nurse, Atlantic General Hospital
    Kim Stromberg Worden '95 - 911 Dispatch, Montgomery County
    Megan McAuliffe Day '97 - 911 Dispatch, Howard County
    Carolyn Griber '99 - Lower Keys Medical Center ER
    Maura Fannin '00 - MICU Nurse, Johns Hopkins Hospital
    Megan Kavanagh Tolbert '00 
    - Nurse
    Emily Blair Keener '03 - Veterinarian, Happy Tails Veterinary Emergency Clinic
    Allie Goetz '03 - Nurse, Johns Hopkins Hospital
    Julia Hogg Castorani '03
    - Nurse, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
    Susan Huppmann '03 - Nurse, University of Maryland Shock Trauma
    Katie Newton Sheeler '03 - Nurse, Howard County General Hospital Pediatric ER
    Kelly Naylor Barbour '04 - First Responder, State of North Carolina
    Laura Leviski '04 - Speech Language Pathologist, Kennedy Krieger Institute
    Crystal Maltagliati Sullivan '04 - Administration, Caton Dental
    Ashley Bell Benson '05 - Veterinarian, MuraBella Animal Hospital
    Kathryn Konstantas '06 - Nurse
    Brittany Dickert Santana '06
    - Nurse Practitioner, Maryland Plastic Surgery Center
    Megan McKenna Schuster '06 - Nurse, Mercy Medical Center
    Samantha Miller Rogers '06 - Nurse, University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center
    Jill Chall '07 - ICU Nurse, Jefferson Stratford Hospital
    Erica Brown '08 - Techician, Dr. Howard Jacobson Opthalmology
    Hannah Church '08 - Pediatric Nurse, University of Maryland Medical Center
    Julie Funk Donaghue '08 - Nurse, University of Maryland Medical Center NICU
    Jackie Merkel-Bryant '08 - Nurse, Sentara Heart Hospital
    Katie DeFalco '08 - Nurse, Oregon Health and Science University Hospital
    Kaitlin Moran Hegwald '09 - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Dialysis Clinic
    Nina Glose Parker '09 - Levin Eye Care
    Natalie Vidmar Slattery '09 - Nurse, University of Maryland Medical Center
    Caroline Kirby-Smith April '10 - Nurse, Johns Hopkins
    Stephanie Buhr '10 - Nurse, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh CICU
    Jessica Henry '11 - MedStar Washington Hospital Center
    Ellie Jeske '10 - Nurse
    Corinne Kavanagh Urban '12
    - CNA, Vienna Family Medicine
    Jennifer Pumphrey '12 - Joshi & Merchant, MD
    Grace Duffy '12 - Dietician, University of Maryland Medical Center
    Meghan Ross '12 - Adult Intensive Care Nurse, St. Agnes Hospital
    Nicole Sikora '12 - Nurse, Mercy Medical Center
    Emily Boyle '13 - Nurse, University of Maryland Medical Center
    Amanda Golebiowski '13 - Nurse, University of Maryland Medical Center NICU
    Megan Lowcher '13 - Occupational Therapist, Kennedy Krieger Institute
    Colleen Miller '13 - Nurse, Johns Hopkins Hospital
    Casey Ross '13 - Paramedic and Firefighter, Anne Arundel County Fire Department
    Christina Sarver Smith '13 - Nurse, University of Maryland Medical Center COVID-19 Floor
    Emma Cusick '14 - Nurse, Johns Hopkins Hospital
    Erin Dignan '14 -
     Pediatric Nurse, Kennedy Krieger Institute
    Julie Giermek '14 - Nurse, INOVA Fairfax Women & Children's Hospital
    Caroline Hanlon '14 - Nurse, Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology
    Allie Hynson '14
     - Nurse, Greater Baltimore Medical Center
    Mary Kate Lamm '14 - Nurse, Aya Healthcare
    Katie Lerch '14 - Nurse, University of Maryland Medical Center NICU
    Sarah MacLean '14 - Nurse, Johns Hopkins NICU
    Nicole Madden '14 - Baltimore County Police Department
    Kathryn McCauslin '14 - Nurse, University of Maryland Medical Center Shock Trauma
    Claire Welzant '14 - Nurse, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
    Leah Mohler '15 - Nurse, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
    Lauren Munter '15 - Nurse, R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center

    There are many more Sailors serving on the front lines during the COVID-19 crisis. If you know of an alumna in service and would like to add them to the prayer list, please contact Elizabeth Mahon '07, director of alumnae relations, at Thank you.

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  • Amy Burdette

  • Ed

  • John and Jackie Dyer

    Please keep our daughter Madelyn Dyer '16 in your prayers. She begins teaching 3rd Grade at Little Flower Catholic School in Pensacola, FL, as a Notre Dame Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Fellow on August 24. She will be teaching in the classroom with students, so we ask for your prayers for her protection as well as her students and fellow faculty from the Coronavirus.
    Thank You,
    John and Jackie Dyer
  • Marley Day

    Ron Ruiz has COVID and is in ICU. Ron is an amazing father! Ron is the patriarch of many and I am upset that his vital influence could end.
  • Barbara Naudain

    For Martha at St. Elizabeth's who is 93 with dementia and has been diagnosed with COVID 19, and especially for her family who cannot visit her, especially her daughter Diane Causey. And for all the residents and staff who have COVID 19, may they all be given strength and perseverance in this trial.

    For the repose of the soul of Camilla Heaney who passed away at St. Elizabeth's. She was 99 and a dear friend!

    For all those infected with the Corona Virus at Westgate Nursing Home, may Our Lady comfort them, and give them compassionate workers to help them. Pray especially for Roger Anderson, Craig Miller, David Williams, Betty Orndorff, Carole Moreland, Andrea Greene. May God have mercy on them in their distress!

    Please pray for all our nurses at St. Agnes Hospital who work in ICU especially Michael Plakosh, Samantha Steele, Katie Odam, Mary Remlin, Jocelyn Alino( and her mother who lives in the Phillipines)

  • The Glover Family

    Please protect those who are in long term care, assisted living and rehabilitation and all who we entrust to care for our loved ones. May God's grace protect and comfort them during this time of isolation.
  • Cathy Sitzwohl

    Barbara Mohler has Coronavirus, so we pray for her recovery and that her husband stays well. We also pray for Brendan Mohler's recovery from the virus.
  • Daniel Michaud P'22 '22

    For the Staff at Lorien Health Services and all nursing homes as they work to protect those vulnerable during this time.
  • Mary Jane Graham P'22

    Personal intentions. Increase in priestly vocations and to the religious life. For an increase in holiness of all our bishops and for the intentions of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. For all those who are feeling lonely during this time of isolation and those who are suffering from unemployment. For all our loved ones, friends, family, acquaintances who no longer practice the Faith, that they return to the Sacraments. For all of us that we increase in holiness and in faith.
  • Donna Keller P'20

    For our neighbor, Ruth Webb, who is currently fighting the virus.
  • The Marino Family

    Please pray for Mr. Frank Marino Sr. (89), who is has tested positive for Coronavirus.
  • Johnette Antone P'19 '23

    Personal intention
  • Mary Martin '85

    Please pray for Lisa Wall '90 who is battling triple-negative breast cancer during this most challenging of times. Also pray for all health care providers - that they and their families are protected and remain virus free, especially Grace and Rob Carter P'21, Johns Hopkins.
  • Barbara Naudain

    For all my friends at Brightview Nursing Home, and for my friends at St. Elizabeth Nursing Home, as well as my friends at Westgate Nursing Home, may God and the Blessed Mother protect them and bring them comfort in their loneliness. A special prayer for Martha and Joe King. Joe is a medic fireman, and Martha has a compromised immune system. Both deal with a lot of anxiety, fear and worry.
  • Dottie Watkins P'88 GP'19

    My sister-in-law suffering from COPD and heart.
  • Gary Giuseppeone

    Please pray for my elderly mother, Deanna Giuseppeone, who has been running a fever. She is in a nursing home, and I am not permitted to visit her.
  • Barbara Naudain

    Please pray for the nurses at St. Agnes Hospital, especially those working in the intensive care unit. May Our Lord and the Blessed Mother protect them and give them what they need! And asking for protection on all workers at the hospital.
  • Kelliann Penn P'15 '23

    May God protect the Sisters, teachers, staff, and students and of MDSA and MSJ and their families.
  • Maria C. Schaefer Nauman '86

    Please pray that any MDSA alumnae or family who already are respiratory or immunocompromised will be protected from this virus.

    Please pray for the repose of the souls of my father and mother, Florence J. and Paul M. Schaefer P'86. Daddy was on the Board of Trustees for 15 years, through the "lean years" when the parents and laity saved the school, and in 1985 when our dear Dominican sisters came and began the academy's renaissance. Thank you so much! Vive Jesu!
  • Karen Tully P'20

    Please pray that the virus subsides quickly and the girls return to school this year. Particularly the Seniors who are looking forward to so many traditions and events to have as memories. Sisters, I’m grateful you are praying for our girls. Stay safe and God bless.

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