4th Annual MDSA Crab FeastAlumnae at Mount de Sales Academy

Mount de Sales Academy is proud of the young women who have graduated from the school since its founding in 1852. We value the support and involvement of Alumnae which is critical to the Mount de Sales family.

Alumnae Association at Mount de Sales Academy

Founded in 1896, the Alumnae Association at Mount de Sales Academy offers concrete ways to be involved after graduation. The Alumnae Association is comprised of women spanning all generations of Sailors who share a common bond and love for the school. A nominated and approved Board of Officers direct and oversee the activities of the Alumnae Association with support for the other members of the Association.

Every year, the Alumnae Association sponsors events such as Homecoming, the Crab Feast and the Easter Egg Hunt to benefit both current students as well as alumnae. The purpose of our events, in addition to fellowship, is to fund scholarships for current students. In 2017, the Alumnae Association was able to fund three $5,000 scholarships in addition to one book scholarship.

In order for the Alumnae Association to thrive, we need YOU to be involved! Please consider how you can support your alma mater.

The Alumnae Association meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:oo p.m. in Alumnae Hall. Please join us for light refreshments and event planning. 

Would you like to become involved with the Alumnae Association? Please call or email Director of Alumnae Relations, Elizabeth Mahon at 410.744.8498 ext. 265 or  

Executive Board:

President: Megan McCawley '10
Vice President:  Carol Nettina Dygert ‘08
Secretary: Danielle Wilson ‘11
Treasurer: Jeanne Schaible Langeluttig ‘84

Alumnae Association Events

Throughout the year, the Alumnae Association hosts several events for both Alumnae and the entire Mount de Sales community to enjoy!  Our events make the Alumnae Association Scholarship possible. Please attend a meeting to see how you can help plan or volunteer.  Check out our “Event Calendar” to see what’s coming up!

Alumnae Association Scholarship

One of the most important ways that the Alumnae Association gives back to the Mount de Sales is through the Alumnae Association Scholarships.

Each school year, the Alumnae Association funds three $5,000 scholarships in addition to one book scholarship.  The $5,000 Alumnae Association Scholarships are bestowed upon two students who are well-rounded individuals, who outwardly exemplify the spirit of Mount de Sales Academy and a true love for their school. These scholarships are open to current students and will be chosen by the Administration of Mount de Sales at the end of the year Honors Assembly.  The book scholarship is awarded to a student who volunteers for Alumnae Association events throughout the year.

The Alumnae Association is proud to support the current students of Mount de Sales through these scholarships as well as special projects for school. Mount de Sales alumnae desire to help girls receive the same Catholic education that they experienced in the tradition of Saint Francis de Sales. 

Stay in Touch

We love to hear from our Alumnae! Please keep us up to date with current news. Did you tie the knot? Start your own business? Or earn an advanced degree? Send your updates to the Director of Alumnae Relations, Elizabeth Binette Mahon ’07 at .

Come to an Alumnae Association meeting to help plan and volunteer for the various Alumnae events.

Even if you’re not in the local area, there are several ways to stay up to date with Mount de Sales. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, join our LinkedIn group, and be sure you’re signed up for Alumnae SailorMail.

Class Agents

If you love staying connected to your Sailor classmates and with Mount de Sales, this is the perfect opportunity for you! The “Class Agent” program is designed to help graduating classes stay in touch with each other as well as the school. It also makes reunion planning easier!

Class Agent Job Description:
1. Stay in contact with classmates to update contact information and news to send to MDSA Alumnae Relations Office.
2. Keep classmates informed about events and help organize reunions.
3. Replace yourself as Class Agent when you are no longer able to continue.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? If you are interested in becoming a Class Agent, please email the Director of Alumnae Relations, Elizabeth Binette Mahon ’07 at .


Class Reunions are typically held every five years. Is this the year for your class reunion? Click here to see a list of reunions that are being planned! If you would like to organize your class reunion, please contact the Director of Alumnae Relations, Elizabeth Binette Mahon ’07 at .

Weddings at Mount de Sales

The Chapel of Saint Francis de Sales at Mount de Sales Academy is available to graduates from Mount de Sales Academy for Catholic wedding services. Use of the Chapel for this purpose is subject to the requisite permissions of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the pastor of St. Agnes Parish. It is also subject to the constraints of school staff and the school calendar. The Chapel is not open for weddings when school is not in session.

Want to know more about weddings in the Chapel of St. Francis de Sales? Check out our FAQ page or contact the Director of Alumnae Relations, Elizabeth Binette Mahon ’07 at .

Want to Visit the School?

When was the last time you were back at Mount de Sales? Please contact the Director of Alumnae Relations, Elizabeth Binette Mahon ’07 at or 410-744-8498 ext. 265 to schedule a visit the school!