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Using Your School Dashboard Account - FAQ

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  • How do I log into my Sailor Portal account?

    Users can log into the site via the login button at the upper right portion of your browser window. Parents and students can also log in via the parent and student landing pages.
  • How do I obtain my username and password?

    New student users will use her school email and password to login. Enter you school email for your username, hit next, and the site should automatically log you in using your Microsoft 365 account.  

    New parent users can click the login button and select "Forgot login or First time logging in." Once you enter your email, you may retrieve your username and reset your password. If this option does not work, please contact our Technology Help Desk to reset your password.

    Important Password Update: Blackbaud recently updated their password requirements for increased security. Passwords must now meet the following requirements:
    • Minimum password length of at least 12 alphanumeric characters
    • Must include at least 1 number
    • Must include at least 1 special character ( ! @ # $ , % ^ & * _ )
    • Must include at least 1 uppercase letter
    • Must include at least 1 lowercase letter
    • The password must be changed every 365 days
    • New password may not be the same as any of the last 6 passwords used 
    If your current password does not meet these requirements, you will be prompted to set a new password on your next login.
  • How do I view my daughter's schedule?

    1. Once you are logged into your Sailor Portal account, click on your daughter’s name on the pink navigation bar.
    2. This will take you to her Progress tab. On this page you can view her attendance record, classes, advisor, and athletics. Click on any of these items to view more details. 
    3. If your daughter is on an athletic team, you can view her team’s season schedule scrolling down to Athletics and clicking on the team’s name.
    4. To view your daughter’s daily schedule, click on the Schedule tab. You can navigate to a specific day to view her schedule for a specific day. You can also view her schedule by month by clicking on “View Full Schedule.” This calendar includes her academic courses and athletics. 

  • Where do I go to complete school forms and permission slips on my Sailor Portal?

    When you log into your Sailor Portal account, if you have outstanding forms to complete there will be a yellow bar across the top of your screen that reads, You have: 1 Form(s) to Review. Click this link to view all outstanding forms. To complete a form, click the green Review or yellow Continue button next to the form.

  • How do I receive notifications and emergency alerts?

    We encourage you to sign up receive emergency alerts from MDSA. With Sailor Portal, you can choose to receive text and/or email alerts. Click here to view a tutorial guide. 
    1. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
    2. Click on the down arrow next to your name and click on "Settings."
    3. Click on the "Notifications" tile on the left side of the screen.
    4. Set a phone and email to receive notifications. You must select your wireless provider, and you will be sent a verification text. Follow the instructions provided to verify your phone number.
    5. Opt-in to Emergency Alerts by navigating to "MDSA Announcement" on the screen and clicking on "Setup Options."
    6. Check the box next to "Emergency Alerts" and select "Save."
    7.  Check the boxes next to "MDSA Announcement" for E-mail and/or Text to receive the emergency alerts to each respective device.
  • Are there resources just for me when I log in?

    Yes, parent, student, and faculty/staff users will find resources specific to their role once logged in. Simply click the "Resources" tab on your dashboard to access them. 

    Parents and students can now view student schedules, attendance, report cards, and the school calendar on their dashboard. 
  • How do I edit my user profile and settings?

    Once logged in, click the arrow located next to your name (upper right), and you can access/edit your profile and other settings.
  • Where do I find resources to prepare for the new school year?

    This year, many of the forms can be completed digitally using your portal account. Forms can also be accessed via the Resource Board tab on your portal or by clicking on the arrow next your name in the upper right-hand corner of your portal screen, and clicking on "Files & Forms."
  • Where do I view a calendar of events?

    The calendar link on the omni menu (upper right) and footer (lower left) directs users to a full calendar of events. This calendar may be sorted by several categories such as Fine Arts, Athletics, Academics, Alumnae, etc.

    There are also several calendar feeds throughout the site and on the portal, including on our home page.
  • Who do I go to for help?

    For general questions, users may contact the Technology Office via email using the contacts listed on the right. If you experience technical issues, please contact our help desk at

School Directory Information

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  • Where can I access the MDSA Family Directory?

    You can access MDSA Family Directory on you Sailor Portal by clicking the Directories tab on the pink navigation bar.
  • How do I change what information is included about me in the directory?

    All accounts for current parents have default settings to include the following information in the Family Directory:
    • Parent Name 
    • Home Phone 
    • Email Address 
    • Home Address 
    Daughter(s)’ Name, Graduation Year, and Contact Information
    To change your settings for what contact information is included in the directory:
    1.  Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard.
    2. Click on Settings.
    3. On the left-hand side under Account Settings, click on Privacy.
    4. Under General Settings, click on Parent.
    5. This will drop down a list of all the information available from your profile. Check the box next to each item you want to be included in the directory, or uncheck the boxes you would like to remove from the directory.
    *The MDSA Family Directory is only available to other current MDSA parents, and must be accessed through a current parents' Blackbaud Dashboard account. Therefore, you only need to adjust the settings under Parent in your Privacy Settings to change what information is available in the directory.

  • How do I opt out of the MDSA family directory?

    You can select whether you would like to be included in the school directory and what information you would like to be included through your profile settings under Privacy

    To opt out of the directory:
    1. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard.
    2. Click on Settings.
    3. On the left-hand side under Account Settings, click on Privacy.
    4. Under Directory Settings at the bottom of the screen, check the circle next to Do not include my name or any information about me in the directory. Alternately, you can also check to Include my name but do not include any other information about me. to list only your name but no contact information in the directory.
    5. Please Note: this will only adjust the directory settings for your information. Your spouse and/or other family members will need to adjust their own Privacy settings on their Sailor Portal separately.
  • Who should I contact for help adjusting my privacy settings?

    Please contact Virginia Shenk, database manager and registrar, at for assistance with your directory or privacy settings.

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