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The technological landscape of our culture is constantly changing, and at Mount de Sales we want to promote thoughtful implementation of various technologies into the curriculum in order to enhance the educational experience of our students.  Our strategic plan is based on the principle that technology should be integrated into every academic subject and function as a support to authentic teaching and learning.

Every classroom has LCD projectors and computers that are fully connected to the school’s network resources and to the internet. Grades, assignments, and resources are accessible to students and their parents in a secure, managed website that also allows for collaborative online discussions, homework submission, and assessments. Additional technology resources such as digital multimedia (audio and video), visual support materials and software geared to individual curriculum needs are also available to teachers to support student learning.  Two computer labs and a media resource center are available for individual and class projects.

Yet technology skills are not acquired in a vacuum.  At Mount de Sales, we want our students to be creative communicators, collaborators, and innovators who are prepared both for the current and the expanding digital society.  We want students who will be critical users of technology resources, not consumers only.  In other words, we encourage students to bring the witness of their faith and a true understanding of the human person to the world in which we live.
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