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Athletic Teams + Schedules

MDSA and Visiting team PARENTS :
-As for outdoor spectators, we are prepared to start our spring games with no restrictions.   
The hill will be roped off with designated areas to spectate, parents may bring chairs. be mindful of others and remain in designation spectator areas.  Only coaches and student-athletes may enter the field. NO ONE should be down the hill, near the field, or along the black fence.
-As for indoor events in the gymnasium, MSDE in conjunction with MDH has indicated that masking is required during sporting activities unless the individual athlete is involved in vigorous activity. Playing in the game would fall into that category – vigorous activity.  Athletes who wish and are comfortable can continue to mask while participating but the players also have the choice to unmasked when engaged in vigorous activities.
We will permit spectators at our indoor games. All visitors are required to wear a face covering that covers their nose to chin the entire time on schools’ grounds. 

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