Mount de Sales is proud that over 50 percent of our students participate in the Athletic Program.
They are the heart and soul of our teams, showing team spirit, dedication, and exemplary sportsmanship. Affirming that sports build strength, character, and pride in the individual, her team, and her school, Mount de Sales Academy offers 13 sports and a total of 24 athletic teams. The Constance and Samuel Pistorio Sports Complex houses the competition and practice area for basketball and volleyball. It is also home to physical education classes, an athletic training room, fitness room, and the Athletic Department's administrative offices.

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    Mr. Eric Dummann 

    Athletic Director
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    Mr. Nathaniel Guest 

    Assistant Athletic Director, Phys. Ed. Teacher
    Mount Saint Mary's University - B.S.

- Pope Pius XII

“Sports, properly directed, develops character, makes a man courageous, a generous loser, and a gracious victor; it refines the senses, gives intellectual penetration, and steels the will to endurance.”
Mount de Sales believes fair play, good sportsmanship and teamwork are an important part of each student's growth toward maturity. Athletics promotes school spirit and provides a unique opportunity to nurture respect for our athletes, opponents, fans and coaches — all of which is a means of imitating Christ in our daily lives.
Athletics at its best is a deepening of the educational mission, and the athletic arena serves as an occasion to imitate Christ by living the virtues of: wisdom, justice, courage, and self-control.  In this environment, young women have a unique opportunity to develop as athletes and witness to the dignity of teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, and fans.   

The Sailors are charter members of the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland (IAAM), a nationally recognized athletic organization made up of 31 private schools.  The IAAM is the top high school athletic conference in Metropolitan Baltimore. As consistent challengers for regular season and tournament championships, our Sailor teams regularly rank among the area's best public and private high schools.  Our athletes are frequently recognized by the media with All-Baltimore County, All-Metro Baltimore, and the IAAM League All-Star status. 

From 2010 to 2017, a total of 123 Mount de Sales Academy Athletes from 12 sports have been named IAAM All Conference. A total of 21 Mount de Sales Academy Athletes from 7 sports were named to a Baltimore Sun All-Metro Team.

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  • Facilities

    The Constance and Samuel Pistorio Sports Complex and the new Artificial Turf field are the centerpiece of the Mount de Sales Academy athletic facilities.

    The Sports Complex is home to our Basketball and Volleyball teams. It also houses our physical education classes, Cheerleading squad, as well as a variety of summer sports camps. The Sports Complex includes a weight room, Athletic Trainers Room, offices for coaches and teachers, locker rooms and a classroom.

    Our turf field is the home to our Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Softball teams. The teams play and practice on the on-campus field that is located prominently in front of the campus.

    Mount de Sales’ teams also enjoy partnerships with a variety of area schools and community recreation sites for off-campus home games. Benefiting are Cross Country, Tennis, Swimming and Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field.
  • Resources

    Those involved with interscholastic athletics enjoy the full support of the MDSA administration and student body.

    Mount de Sales Academy sees athletics as a complement to the overall educational process and important to the promotion of school spirit and development of school pride.

    Approximatley two-thirds of our students annually tryout for at least one Varsity or JV squad place on one of the thirteen teams coached by our experience coaching staff.

    Nearly every varsity sport’s head coach has five or more years of experience at Mount de Sales alone to share with our athletes.  The goal of each coach is to develop athletes individual and team skills with the goal of competitive success while emphasizing fair play and sportsmanship.

    Supporting the athletes and coaches is the Athletic Director’s office, which handles the everyday administrative and seasonal scheduling of activities related to all of our teams.

    A Certified Athletic Trainer is provided through Mount de Sales Academy for daily on campus consultation, first responder injury evaluation, game coverage and the rehabilitation of injuries.
  • Concussion & Head Injury Policy

    All student athletes will be pre-concussion baseline tested by the MDSA athletic trainer before being allowed to participate in sports.

    Mount de Sales Academy will implement the computerized ImPACT program, or similarly recognized diagnostic tool. Post-concussion student athletes are retested and the scores are compared to baseline to help determine athlete readiness to return to play.

    If a student athlete sustains a concussion while currently participating in a Mount de Sales athletics program, she will be removed from play and evaluated on site by the attending athletic trainer. The student athlete will then be referred to her physician for further evaluation. The athletic director will also be notified.

    After being diagnosed with a significant concussion the Concussion Committee team will determine how best to modify the student athlete’s academic schedule to accommodate the required period of total cognitive rest the brain needs to heal properly.

    A 1st post-concussion ImPACT test will be administered by the MDSA athletic trainer 1-3 days after the initial injury or upon the student athlete’s return to school. These results will be emailed to a neuropsychologist selected by MDSA for interpretation.

    A reevaluation with the student athlete’s physician will also be required before return to play decisions will be considered.

    The student athlete is eligible to begin the gradual return-to-play progression when she has 1) received clearance from her physician, 2) has a post-concussion ImPACT test which has returned to baseline status, 3) has been cleared by the MDSA athletic trainer, 4) has been cleared by guidance that all of her make-up work is complete and 5) The student is no longer receiving academic accommodations.

    In order to protect the well-being of each student athlete, MDSA reserves the right to determine the level of participation for all student athletes who have sustained a concussion. Suffering a single severe concussion or multiple concussions may lead to the prohibition from participation in contact sports or possibly any sport at Mount de Sales Academy.
  • ImPACT

    ImPACT Testing Date

    All incoming freshmen and juniors are required to take the ImPACT test.
    Procedures for taking the test are as follows:
    1. Turn off the popup blocker on your tablet or computer.
    2. Using Google or Internet Explorer, go to the website
    3. Enter the customer code: DD602E5A8C
    4. Please read the directions to the test very carefully.
    5. Please fill out the entire demographic section.
    6. The test should take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.
    7. At the end of the test will be a confirmation page. Please email that page to Nate Guest at
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Championships + Awards

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  • MDSA Championships

    • Fall 2019 Volleyball IAAM A Conference Champions
    • Spring 2019 Outdoor Track IAAM Conference Champions
    • Fall 2018 Cross Country IAAM Conference Champions
    • Fall 2018 Volleyball IAAM A Conference Champions
    • Spring 2018 Golf IAAM B Conference Champions
    • Spring 2018 Track and Field IAAM Conference Champions
    • Fall 2017 Volleyball IAAM A Conference Champions
    • Fall 2015 Volleyball IAAM A Conference Champions
    • Spring 2015 Golf IAAM B Conference Champions
    • Fall 2013 Field Hockey IAAM B Conference Champions
    • Fall 2013 Tennis IAAM B Conference Champions
    • Spring 2013 Softball IAAM A Conference Champions
    • Fall 2012 Tennis IAAM B Conference Champions
    • Fall 2011 Field Hockey IAAM B Conference Champions
    • Fall 2011 Cross Country IAAM B Conference Champions
    • Fall 2010 Volleyball A Conference Champions
    • Fall 2010 Cross Country B Conference Champions
  • Conference Runner Up Acknowledgements

    • Winter 2019-20 Indoor Track IAAM Conference Runner-Up
    • Fall 2019 Soccer IAAM B Conference Runner-Up
    • Winter 2018-19 Basketball IAAM B Conference Runner-Up
    • Fall 2018 Field Hockey IAAM B Conference Runner-Up
    • Fall 2017 Golf B Conference Runner-Up
    • Spring 2017 Softball B Conference Runner-Up
    • Winter 2016-17 Basketball B Conference Runner-Up

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