Constance and Samuel Pistorio Sports Complex Endowment

In addition to the generous gift of the Pistorios that provided for the construction of the gymnasium, they also provided a maintenance endowment.  This endowment has been vital in maintaining the much used, beautiful gymnasium.  The endowment has been used to refinish the wood gym floor and do other vital maintenance to ensure that the Constance and Samuel Pistorio Sports Complex supports the mission of Mount de Sales Academy for generations to come.

Dolores and Charles Klein Maintenance Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klein P’03, 14 established this endowment in memory of Mr. Klein’s parents, Dolores and Charles Klein.  This endowment is for the maintenance of the historic 1852 Building, which serves as the central academic building on campus.

Mount de Sales Scholarship Endowment
This fund is endowed to generate funding for student scholarships. In 2015, the Mount de Sales Academy Board of Trustees voted to establish an endowmnet. This Endowment was funded initially by allocating $1.1 million from out existing financial reserves. This initial allocation will be designated as Scholarship Endowment.   While the $1.1 million establish a strong foundation for the Endowment, it is important that we continue to build upon it.  

To learn more about how can help provide for the current and future needs of Mount de Sales Academy through a gift to or establishing an endowment, Claire M. Cohagan '78 Director of Development at ccohagan@mountdesales.org.  To contact the Development Office by phone, you may call 410.744.8498.

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