Yearly Service Requirements

Part 1: Quarterly service hours, students directly meet Christ in the poor through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Hours must be done in the confines of each quarter throughout the school year. In conjunction with a service curriculum, quarterly hours include both service performed and reflection in religion class. To know which type of service aligns with this please refer to the list of approved service organizations found on the MDSA website. If there is an organization that is not on the list but that you would be interested in serving at, you will need to speak with the campus minister prior to serving at the site to inquire about approval.

Part 2
: Flex service hours, students meet Christ through service in their parish, school, or wider community. Hours may be done throughout the school year, including the summer before the current year. These hours do not necessarily have to be completed from the organizations on the approved service list, but need to be online with the guidelines below. All extra quarterly hours may also count as flex.

Part 3
: School service hours, students meet Christ through directly helping to support school activities and functions. Service to school can be fulfilled by volunteering for various school sponsored events such as Homecoming, Open House, Christmas Bazaar, Spaghetti Dinner, etc. All extra school hours also count as flex.

The completion of these hours each year is required for graduation. Students missing hours in any of the above categories will be required to make-up these hours.

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