Gate House

Throughout its history, the Mount de Sales Gatehouse has been an iconic landmark on campus. Its arched entryway has welcomed students, faculty, and parents into the Mount de Sales community for many years.

Built in 1852, the Gatehouse originally served as the chauffeur’s building of residence. Later, a Chaplain’s residence was built onto the rear, right side of the building during the Civil War, approximately 1862-63, and remains there to this day. Over time, the Gatehouse lost several of its original structures, such as a cupola and a balcony, and it has served many people and purposes.

The Harmon family moved into the Gatehouse during the 1890s and remained there for more than 80 years, lodging four generations of Harmons. They served the Visitation Nuns by maintaining the school grounds and buildings and became much like family to the nuns and students.

Upon construction of the new convent in 2010, the historic building became vacant until this summer. From June to August, the gatehouse underwent several interior structural changes and renovations to accommodate the Business Office Suite on the second floor and the Sailor Shop, a reception area, bathrooms, and concession stand on the first floor. Despite these changes to its interior, the Gatehouse will continue to remain a symbol of welcome for those entering the Mount de Sales community, and the MDSA community will always cherish the history and tradition held within its walls.

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