The teacher plans, organizes, and implements the Mount de Sales Academy instructional program in a Catholic learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic potential. This position requires professional certification or pursuit of certification and knowledge of technology programs that support instruction and student recordkeeping.  This is a full-time job during the school year and reports to the Vice Principal of Academics.
The Teacher at Mount de Sales Academy is expected to be a highly skilled professional person who works in close collaboration with the administration so that he/she may effectively fulfill the various roles that must be assumed during the course of the day.  Mount de Sales Academy seeks to offer a high quality program that is integrated with religious truths and values.  The Teacher strives to provide opportunities for the students to be prepared for life in today’s Church and society through a strong basic and contemporary curriculum and through instructional formation in the basic beliefs, values and traditions of the Catholic Church.  The Teacher supports these beliefs and traditions in communications, personal demeanor, lifestyle and methodology. The Teacher is expected to model Gospel values in his or her spirit of service.  Respect for dignity of each person is of utmost importance.
Duties and Responsibilities
The following description attempts to point out some of the roles that are common to
most teachers and teaching situations.
      • Initiates, directs and evaluates learning
      • Implements the content and curriculum effectively
      • Stimulates convergent and divergent thinking
      • Fosters creativity
      • Encourages self-initiated learning and responsible self-direction
      • Guides students in applying knowledge and skills to new problem-solving situations
      • Inspires others by his/her own integrity and example
      • Is computer literate and encourages the use of technology
  • Creates a democratic classroom atmosphere
  • Permits cooperative planning involving students
  • Helps students become self-disciplined
  • Allows spontaneity
  • Attempts to meet the individual needs through individualized or small group instruction
    • Prepares yearly course syllabi and course requirements
    • Duplicates materials, previews films and filmstrips, tapes, and records
    • Ensures that materials and AV equipment, etc. are readily available for class
    • Plans interesting and varied approaches for presenting content materials
    • Addresses multiple learning styles in lesson planning
    • Prepares questions for discussion
    • Correlates home assignments with lessons taught
    • Gears field trips to the age, interest, and needs of the students.  Field trips are not required [maximum of one or two (1-2) per year]
    • Engages in long-range as well as weekly planning
    • Participates actively in faculty meetings, diocesan and school in-service
    • Accepts membership on school committees
    • Attends educational workshops and conferences
    • Continues study for further development through in-service courses or courses for advanced degrees; keeps abreast of happenings in the field of education
    • Belongs to professional organizations
    • Subscribes to one or more professional magazines or uses those available through the school
    • Respects and supports colleagues; works cooperatively with them
    • Works with Department Head to prepare Department Budget
    • Uses proper requisition forms for purchases, work orders, sick leave, etc.
    • Respects and follows the directives of MDSA administration
    • Exercises good housekeeping by keeping room neat, orderly and pleasing to the eye: bulletin boards, materials, book shelves, learning environment, etc.
    • Maintains confidentiality of appropriate information relating to the school, student, and parents.
    • Performs any other tasks as deemed necessary and appropriate for the proper operation of the school, the teaching-learning process and the faith environment of the classroom and Mount de Sales Academy

    • Keeps accurate attendance records
    • Prepares, records and returns written assignments
    • Checks home assignments
    • Evaluates student work and records progress
    • Completes report cards, Interim Reports; turns in grades on time
    • Completes other reports by Department Heads or Administration of MDSA
  • Moderates extra-curricular activities as requested by Administration
  • Assists in the supervision of the Dining Hall when requested
  • Meets deadlines set by the Administration
  • Provides opportunities that would enable the teacher to know each student as an individual; to respect the dignity of each person
  • Imparts Gospel values for daily living
  • Conducts interviews and/or gives one-on-one attention to problems/concerns of students
  • Assists students toward a healthy self-image
  • Refers students with problems to personnel qualified to address their need(s)
  • Attends school related activities (general sessions; special forums) and meetings as scheduled or requested
  • Provides responses to correspondence; returns phone calls requested by parents
  • Informs parents of student progress via various communication procedures
  • Holds informal meetings with parents at school
  • Conducts formal parent conferences
  • A commitment to the mission and vision of Catholic education in general and Mount de Sales Academy in particular.
  • Working knowledge of MS Office suite, instructional software, and on line grade administration
  • Punctuality and adherence to schedules.
  • Manifests an attitude of enthusiasm for learning
  • Exemplifies a positive,  loving and forgiving spirit toward those being taught and/or disciplined
Professional Qualifications
  • Holds a Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree from an accredited educational institution.
  • Successful teaching experience or have the qualities of becoming an excellent teacher.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Possess skills and knowledge of technology resources.


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