Kelsey Koening '10

My name is Kelsey Koenig, class of 2010. I have loved animals all my life, and ever since I was eight years old, I have wanted to be a veterinarian. I am currently lucky enough to be an equine veterinarian in Florida.
This year, I had a wonderful opportunity to go to South Africa for an equine conference. Because my all-time favorite movie is The Lion King, I have always wanted to go to Africa to experience a safari and get close with lions, elephants, and other wild animals. At this conference, I learned new equine medical techniques, working on rhinos and elephants, and finally, I was able to go on a safari where I watched the wildlife veterinarians implant a tag on an elephant bull and a white rhino to monitor movements and health parameters. I learned about the importance of conservation of the plants and animals of Africa. I explored the wonderful nature of South Africa, viewing Table Mountain and visiting cape penguins. This was the trip of a lifetime and is something that I will never forget.
              I am very honored to have achieved my goal. I know the Mount de Sales community, teachers, students, and curriculum taught me hard work, dedication, and time management, all which were crucial in reaching my goals. I would not have been able to attend veterinary school or have the opportunity to experience South Africa without the teachers and community at MDSA.

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