Salute to our Sailors in Service!

The MDSA community would like to acknowledge those within our community that are on the front lines during these unprecedented times. May God bless and protect them.

Today we highlight:
Top Left: Rachel Sybor Graham ’01: Pediatric Nurse, University of Maryland Medical Center
Top Center: Jennifer Holl ’05: Multi-Trauma ICU nurse at Shock Trauma University of Maryland Medical Center
Top Right: Haley Jones ’13: Nurse, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center
Bottom Left: Alexandra Payton Turek ‘08: Pediatric Resident Physician, University of North Caro-lina Hospital
Bottom Center: Stephanie Payton-Petersen ‘10: OB/GYN resident physician at University of Mary-land Medical Center
Bottom Right: Clare Howard ’02: Nurse Robotics Coordinator in the Operating Room, University of Maryland
Medical Center.

If you are an alum who is on the front lines of this pandemic in any way, please email your photo and job title to Elizabeth Mahon ‘07

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