Major Accomplishment for Honors Research Students! They have been published!

New Journal for Student Abstract Vol. 25. has published all of the students in the Honors Research in Science class from last year (2019-2020). Science Department Chair Suzanna Ribblett shares, “All of these students now have an official publication of their work, which is a major accomplishment at the high school level. I am extremely proud of all of these students.  They put in an extended amount of effort and it is great to have this achievement.”
Congratulations to: Angelina James ’21, Hannah Darrow ’20, Libby McGuire ’20, Anya Walker ’21, Reagan Taylor, 20’ and Nnenna Ejikeme 20’
You can view the published work in The New Journal of Student Research Abstracts: 
Please scroll to pages 31-32 to view the MDSA students’ abstracts.

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