Science Showcase Night

Last night was truly inspiring. The students from the Research in Science class shone brightly during the Science Showcase Night, where they presented their year-long research projects to the greater Mount de Sales and scientific community. With several distinguished guests from various fields in attendance, the students demonstrated exceptional poise and confidence while answering questions about their work. These budding scientists have such a bright future ahead! A huge thank you to the dedicated mentors who guided the students throughout the year on their remarkable projects! 🌟 

We had nine students  who displayed the results of their high-level projects.  Titles below:
Emaan Ali '24   The effect of estrogen levels on ADHD treatment in females
Mentor: Christina Pocius
Amy Jacobs '24  Evaluation of drug additives on microbe composition and locomotor behavior in Drosophila melanogaster
Mentor: Zachary Smith
Anna Kosloski '24  An investigation of modern transportation projects developed to address systematic injustices in historically segregated cities
Mentor: Kevin Nelson
Keren-Kristy Kuma '24 
Evaluation of antimicrobial activity and bacterial resistance from bacteria, isolated from two environments.
Mentor: Jane Michalski-Wilhelm
Blessing Olanya '24 Analyzing an in vitro model of ischemic stroke using the bioactive compound salidroside from Rhodiola rosea and its effectiveness on cell outcomes
Mentor: Michael Morgan
Abigail Smith '24  A comparison of the components of fitness between Irish dancers and school students
Mentor: Connie Colclough
Marie Smith '25  Evaluation of augmented levels of iron on behavioral and biochemical traits in Drosophila melanogaster
Mentor: Laurie Sutton
Maryangeles Vasquez '24  Assessing Müller cell expression of S100B and its effects on surrounding cell layers in the AMD diseased retina
Mentor:  Malia Edwards
Maura West '24  The effect of artificially induced diabetes on silk production in Bombyx mori
Mentor:  Sarah von Lange '16

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