5th Annual Science Showcase Night

Students in the Research in Science class participated in the 5th Annual Science Showcase Night, where they presented their year-long individual research projects to the greater Mount de Sales and scientific community.

Several special guests from various fields were invited and students answered questions about their work with poise and ease. What a bright future ahead for each of these budding scientists!

Lillianne Canuel '23   Establishing a link between human impact and Prorocentrum minimum abundance in the Chesapeake Bay
Mentor: Kevin Nelson
Kathleen Gilliam '23  The effect of LDPE microplastic beads on the reproductive output of Daphnia magna
Mentor: Lisa Smith
Emma Goodrich '24  Examining how human physiology is adapted to digest animal and plant matter
Mentor: Julie Pistorio
Bridget Kelley '23  Comparing Apple Cider Vinegar and ReliOn™ NovoLog® insulin on the egg production of induced Type 2 diabetic Drosophila melanogaster
Mentor: Meredith Ofstead
Isabella Reyes '23  Investigating the significance of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Concentrations in assumed microplastics​
Mentor: Trevor Needham, Ph.D.
Avery Slate '23  The effects of monaural and binaural audio stimulation on stimulated stress in teens
Mentor: Marianna Taylor, LCSW-C
Caroline Sloop '23 Finding antibiotic resistant microorganisms isolated from soil
Mentor: Jane Michalski-Wilhelm
Amanda Trinh '23  Testing the protective ability of sunblock against UVC damage using Halobacterium sp.
Mentor:  Dan Cimbora, Ph.D.

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